Fun-Day a Success

On Sunday May 31 the Lime-Trevor Daniel Football Development Programme held a Fun-Day at the Sab playing field. The event has been hailed a success drawing participation from children and their parents.

Minnie was among the several characters making the Fun-Day more special.

Minnie was among the several characters making the Fun-Day more special.

According to the organizers, although families enjoyed only 11 out of the 20 events on the menu it was still a delicious treat for all. At the penultimate race there was a tie for lead position as Accountants, Engineers, Journalists and Pharmacists (the names of the teams) all battled on to claim gold. “Rescue (wonder bedsheet)” would decide the first ever “Fun Champions of the World” and in the end the results were as follows:
4th place with 29 points – Engineers
3rd place with 32 points – Accountants
2nd place with 40 points – Pharmacists
1st place with 43 points – the mighty Journalists.

 parents taking part in sack race.

parents taking part in sack race.

The teams engaged in: onion and spoon, foot-bowling, sack relay, tug of war, three legged relay, conjoined crossing, linked race, blind fill, dizzy relay, rescue (wonder bedsheet) and the favourite of the day, Chinese Skip which took many of the mothers back to their primary school days. It was a vicious “Jump Off” with Team Journalists clearing up to the height of the dreaded waist. Accountants and Pharmacists both cleared knees while Engineers, despite their perfect jumping form, could only clear ankle height.

The organizers would like to thank the kids and parents, especially those parents who wish they were still kids, for an amazing day.

Special thanks go to the staff and officials for their efforts as well as to Lime, Sandals,”K’s Kiddy Shack”, Renwick & Company, Du Boulay’s, The Voice, Valley Cold Storage, Temptations Perfumes & Gifts and Ebeneza Produce.

The next event will be an in-house tournament on Saturday June 27th from 9am to 3pm.

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