Gas Prices Down!

Effective today – Monday, January 12, 2015 – consumers in Saint Lucia will pay less for gasoline, diesel, kerosene, 20-pound LPG (liquid petroleum gas), 22-pound LPG, 100-pound LPG and bulk LPG.

The price of gasoline will decline from $15.85 per gallon to $13.65. This will yield a reduction of $2.20 per gallon. The price of diesel will fall from $15.14 to $13.21 a gallon, a saving of $1.93 a gallon.

Consumers will realize savings of $4.04 on a 20-pound tank of LPG and $4.43 on a tank of 22-pound LPG (cooking gas). The price of 100-pound LPG cylinders will be reduced by $20.17, from $255.94 to $235.77.

The new retail prices for these products are summarized as follows:

Petroleum Products Old Retail Price New Retail Price Change

Gasoline $3.49 per litre or $3.00 per litre or Decline of $0.49 per litre or
$15.85 per gallon $13.64 per gallon Decline of $2.21 per gallon

Diesel $ 3.33 per litre or $2.90 per litre or Decline of $0.43 per litre
$15.14 per gallon $13.21 per gallon Decline of $1.93 per gallon

Kerosene $2.52 per litre or $2.22 per litre or Decline of $0.30 per litre
$11.44 per gallon $10.11 per gallon Decline of $1.33 per gallon

100-Pound LPG $255.94 per cylinder $235.77 per cylinder Decline of $20.17 per cylinder
Bulk LPG $5.47 per kilogram $5.02 per kilogram Decline of $0.45 per kilogram
oil dropshutterstock_233498950$2.48 per pound $2.28 per pound Decline of $0.20 per pound

Despite the current economic conditions and increased pressure to reduce expenditure, Government will continue to maintain the subsidies of $14.26 per 20-pound cylinder of LPG and $15.30 per 22-pound cylinder of LPG during this cycle.

The next fuel price adjustment is due on April 5, 2015 and will be determined by the landed cost of these products over the review period.

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7 Responses to Gas Prices Down!

  1. Poor People fed up! says:

    On second thought the price is still too high, if little St. Kitts could lower their prices to about EC $10 we can do it as well. I am not here to bring down the government but to see to it that they do the right thing for the people and country. For this $77,000,000 deficit to be paid off you will have to lower the prices to below EC $10 at the pumps.

  2. Don’t attribute it to Chastanet Bellows ! ! !

  3. RICHARD says:


  4. Doubting Thomas says:

    Kenny has turned SDt. Lucia into a beggars society. Please master, please master give me a break please.

  5. Poor People Fed up! says:

    It could have been lowered some more but will do for now, let’s hope for further reductions in April.

    • Mad Cow says:

      How did you come to the determination that it could have been lowered more? Was this enlightenment the result of knowledge, guess work, hear say, etc? I am at a loss!!!

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