Guilty Pleasure at 35,000 feet

The special relationship women have with chocolate has been taken to dizzier heights.Virgin Atlantic has shaped the airline’s drinks order based on this finding. For the first time, Virgin Atlantic is providing passengers with hot drinking chocolate – because so many women demanded it. So great is the trend, that the airline is having to increase its initial hot chocolate order—just two weeks after launching the service! Now, they can carry out their guilty pleasure at 35,000ft.
Said Virgin Atlantic spokeswoman, Janine Doy:          “The good news is that women have finally discovered a place where they can have chocolate free from guilt.  The bad news is that it only occurs at altitudes above 35,000ft.
“Hot drinking chocolate is, by far, the most popular item of food that we’ve ever introduced on board any of our aircraft.”
Virgin launched the new Hot Chocolate service on November 1st, to help passengers sleep during night flights.
Said Virgin’s Caribbean Regional Manager, Nick Parker:  “We knew that women love chocolate, but the sheer scale of that love has taken everyone by surprise.
“There is a clear divide between men and women.  While men
will often choose tea or coffee as soon as
women see hot chocolate on the menu, they all opt for that.
“Our aircraft provide passengers with a cozy, secure environment, high above the earth.  It’s clear that all of the barriers and guilt that women feel about loving chocolate stay firmly on the ground.
It’s a time for sheer pleasure.”
Being on board our aircraft at 35,000ft could be one of the world’s most guilt free places for women to indulge in their love of chocolate.”

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