Has the sound of entertainment activities at Samaans Park been silenced for good?

An injunction has been granted against Landmark Events Limited, the local event-planning and production company, preventing it from hosting any functions at the well-known Samaans Park in the north of the island.

Adrian Augier, co-owner of the company, on Tuesday confirmed that an injunction had been imposed on the owners of the venue barring the hosting of events there. In question is the noise level posed by the numerous concert events which have been held there in recent times and guests of a nearby hotel who reportedly have been complaining.


Has the sound of entertainment activities at Samaans Park been silenced for good?

Augier told the STAR that while the company will abide by the terms of the injunction, an appeal has been filed. He said, “I have absolutely no problem with speaking publicly about this matter and what has transpired. However, I need to clarify with my lawyer what information I am permitted to disclose and what I cannot, to avoid my right from becoming my wrong.”

The legal action precipitated the change of venue for last Sunday’s ‘Oktoberfest en Kweyol’ which was originally advertised for Samaans Park. However, just days before the event, it was switched to the Gaiety car park. According to reliable sources, management of St. James’s Club, which borders Samaans Park, had complained about the noise level and its disturbance to guests at the resort. All further activity at the park, which is owned by Landmark Events Limited, will cease until the legal wrangle is resolved.

Landmark Events describes itself as “a new service frontier for the Special Events sector in St. Lucia and the Caribbean.” The company claims to offer “the region’s most comprehensive range of products and services spanning event planning, production, infrastructure and custom designed décor.” Augier proudly revealed that Landmark Events has operated for over 20 years, catering for small, private gatherings as well as high profile spectacles during Cricket World Cup. For him, “it’s all about the venue” but the company will now have to explore other options to fulfill its obligations. However, the company is challenging the court’s decision to uphold the injunction in favour of the hotel.

Has the sound of entertainment activities at Samaans Park been silenced for good?

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3 Responses to Has the sound of entertainment activities at Samaans Park been silenced for good?

  1. Modeste Downes says:

    With only the bare information supplied here, it appears the complainant, St. James Club, has a prima facie case and the burden is on the operators, Landmark Events Limited. But my patriotic instincts prompt me to ask: where do we draw the line between the enduring tension between hotel operators and Saint Lucian residents conducting legitimate business activities to earn a livelihood, or to undertake and promote artistic endeavour on their own home (as in ‘natal’) turf? What is the greater ‘national interest’ here?

  2. Jaden says:

    Best news I’ve heard since sliced bread

  3. Nah says:

    St. James Club is well within its right to seek an injunction which was influenced by guests. In simplest terms, you build your home in a “quiet” and “relaxing” part of the island and some years later a structure is built next to your home with its main purpose of hosting events, shows, etc. Now every month you have this blarring sound at all hours of the night & morning permeating through everypart of your home. How long will you be able to tolerate this? Far less a hotel who may lose out on potential guests because of this. I wonder if St. James Club had been in dialogue with Landmark Events prior to this action.

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