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Heavy rains cause serious flooding in St Lucia

Flooding in Castries earlier today.

Flooding in Castries earlier today.

Heavy rains caused by a trough Thursday morning caused severe damage in Saint Lucia. The city of Castries was almost totally flooded and the community of Bexon was plunged back under water. On October 30 Saint Lucia was hit by Hurricane Tomas and is yet to recover. Because of the serious damage caused by Tomas many believe this is what caused the flooding this morning to be even worse than normal. Rivers overflowed their banks and some communities were evacuated. Schools, which had only been open to form fives this week, were closed once more and some businesses also closed. The roads Soufriere and the Barre d’Lisle were once again closed.


27 Responses to Heavy rains cause serious flooding in St Lucia

  1. man dingo says:

    St.lucians are too selfish, they don’t pay any taxies, all they do is think of themselves drive their big cars and blame everything on the government. Where is the solidarity? Lucians think that the government possess a tree of money which they can shake whenever is needed. If everybody contributes by paying their fair share of taxes, then at least the government can have some money at the time of need.

  2. kisky says:

    Hey folks:
    Lucians need to learn to ignore non-essential comments and focus on the facts. The facts are that we are in trouble and are in need of human help and supra-human – God. We all must play our part. I cannot remember who said it but I have heard that people get the government they deserve. Are we honestly playing our part? Do you know the number of times I have driven behind buses and watch persons through out garbage through the windows? Who takes the responsibility for that? Its not the government’s responsibility to make sure that we live honestly.
    Regarding housing standards…how many times have persons gone against government approved plans because no one is watching over them? Each individual is responsible. Stop passing the buck!! Let is take the initiative and live honestly and responsibly.

  3. Walter says:

    Well the people in St. Lucia should pray everyday. Maybe they have wicked people living there and God is trying to deal with them in his own way. Anyway i hope the good people are safe from harm.

    • Furious says:

      Walter…..You my friend are the reason Lions eat their young.You are sickning absolutely sickning makes me want to throw up.Neg ma woa.

  4. Kevin Klein says:

    Jasmine since you are this non-evil saint, what have you done to help the victims in St. Lucia? Blogging your flappers on here is not going to help them at all. I personally have done way more than all of you bloggers on this “joint” therefore I earned the right to express my oppinion. You can either choose to die over my comments or STFU ! I bet you are one of those illegal immigrants some where in either the US, Canada or the UK. They do not want you there therefore it is best you get a one way ticket back to St. Lucia and start cleaning up or at least volunteer at the Red Cross. This may serve you good while you save your sorry @$$ self from permanent deportation. Deuces!!!!!

    • Furious says:

      Kevin……Have you lost your green figs and saltfish mind? You have major issues please try and deal with it first, do not take it out on Janette and Jasmine you pathetic moron stop the hate crack head and once again please take you happy pill.Are you telling us about your status for you do not know theirs.

  5. Kevin Klein says:

    Janette, what have you contributed to St. Lucia since the disaster, I guess nothing. You probably be in some isolated place blogging your @$$ off and divulging your most intelligent critics. FYI contact the St. Lucia Red Cross, St. Lucia Marine Terminals, and Customs and Excise and these authorities will tell you what I have done to help the Lucian people. Futher more Go to Bank of St. Lucia, they may not reveal any financial transaction to you but just to let you know. Thanks to my hard work here in north America. “Organizing for St. Lucia”. As far as i know I never had a muzzle place on my body, so I’m free to say whatever I want. Oppinion is like an @$$hole everyone has one.

  6. Myacinth says:

    St.Lucians are resiliant, brave and capable of overcoming the worst of the worst – Dont dispair!! This has been and is a critical time for many – but we know you are faithful and spiritual – so put your hopes and fears in the hands of the Lord – he will come to your aid!! All of us in London are thinking of you and praying for you!! God Bless!!

  7. Robert says:

    Well, well, I cannot read any comment suggesting some solutions to the flooding. I will give all of you some solutions. Just spend 15% of the initial money for the new airport and just refurbish it a little bit. Bring in the engineers from The Netherlands. The rivers have to be controlled by building dams, , wider beddings and by passes. The Netherlands has been fighting against water disasters for centuries. “We struggle and emerge” is the Dutch sign on the nations shield with the picture of a lion holding arrows in one of his claws. For the rest it’s all bullshit like the restoration of the Daher building and moving the ministry of foreign affairs to Rodney Bay.

  8. C-WIZ says:

    God?…..Pray?…..unless we start implementing SCIENTIFIC KNOW-HOW in our development and infrustructure, then it will be the same old song…God have mercy…let us pray….You see folks, we must realise the band aid to that never healing ‘boe boe’ lies in our ability to learn from our self inflicted mistakes… the poor building policies, the gabage disposal and treatment, our pedantic indiscriminatory destruction of our natural environment, the drainage systems, bridges that impede water ways etc. etc… the list goes on. We are our own worst enemies because we threaten our very existence. WE MUST CONSIDER EVERY ASPECT OF OUR INTERACTION WITH THE ENVIRONMENT AND HOW IT INTERACTS WITH US. ALL RISK MUST BE REDUCED BY IMPLEMENTING THE APPROPRIATE MEASURES. The game is changing rapidly and now, there is no room for complacency. Soon the very words ‘ Saint Lucia is a beautiful Island ‘ may become a cliché of the past. Case in point : Cornwall, England has just been flooded by much less rain compared to what experienced by Saint Lucia, Scientists are now searching for ways to avoid such floods from re-occuring. Say what you like, but maybe we should learn something from the global community and stop short changing ourselves.

    Mais oui, continuez en la prière.

  9. Gail says:

    I am praying for St. Lucia. I am so far from home but my country and it’s people in my heart always. The crime and the violence needs to stop. St. Lucians need to come together and strengthen and encourage each other, instead of breaking each other down.

    I hope the aid that comes into the country gets dispursed fairly -to those who need it and to rebuilding where is absolutely necessary. I hope monetary aid does not end up in people’s pockets instead of where it really needs to be-to rebuild infrastructure and communities to get the country back to where it should be.

    What did that old song say? “St. Lucian’s unite … we are walking in the land of the light”. Our land may not be so right now, but together no matter where we are, we can make it happen.

  10. Kevin Klein says:

    This present administration blamed Kenny & Co. for the crime, now they failed to curb it. A whole bunch of uneducated incompetent idiots in charge what do you expect? They are all trying to fill their pockets and yes they will make sure that the Treasury is empty when they get booted out next year. Lucians will eventually come to their realization when they end up like Haiti under the UWP administration. Thank GOD for my six figure salary per annum. Hard work always pays off.

    • Janette says:

      What is going on in St Lucia has nothing to do with your six figure job, how inconsiderate can 1 person be at a time like this. Today you have your job, however, tomorrow is not yours and who can tell what can and will happen… So Kevin Klein if you have anything to say that does not make you look like an idiot tell us.

    • mcelia says:

      How selfish to end with such a tone. You earn a salary. Someone else is paying you since you are trading your hours for money. Is your salary insured at all? How much do you share with the needy? Hard work sometimes pays off, however it does not always benefit you. Hope you have true happiness~

      • buffy says:

        lol @ kevin klein u started well man but u blow it with ur salary issue , i’m agreeing with u when it comes to dt current admin , who are quite a capable bunch of thieves and i’m really concern where all our funds are running into [ st judes hospital / hurricane Thomas ] hmmm ..however to those pep who want to get on and talk crap about me making mention about we paying for something ,i hope u realize that God would not keep on watching st lucia get outta hand whilst other countries alwaz are the ones under heat .u pep shud realize dat st lucians were getting totally out of sort , careless and less spiritual dat it took God’s hand to slap us bk to reality ..WHO VEX LOSE

    • Furious says:

      @ Kevin!!!!! I forgive you simply because you forget to take your medication before you post your comment.Please ask your Doctor to upgrade your dosage and enjoy your happy pill.Bava Jell Caca.

    • JASMINE says:

      You evil bastard. This is a natural disater. No government is more powerful than God. Did the uwp cause the flooding. Open up your red eyes and be objective not political in a difficult time like this. Six figures my ass haha Empty vessels make the most noise. Rest assured that St Lucia will not end up like Hait and you should not be casting stones at the less fortunate. We all need each other. I see dark days for you Kevin Klein guaranteed, what goes around comes around. Money is not all there is to living.

  11. conie says:


  12. JANICE says:


  13. John Joseph says:

    Sometimes we think too negative. Tragedy is not always a sign of a people paying for anything. Righeeous Job faced Tragic lost, yet was faithful by the same account which spoke of his lost. The realities is the continued destruction of the earth by mankind is bound to bear results, and the truth is the righteous and the unrighteous together will suffer since they both live in the earth together. The difference is he who knows God will find comfort in him and so will see his tragedy in a different light. He will look to a future with hope, even the day of redemption, while the unrighteous is more likely to dwell on his calamity and so be overwhelmed by it. So buffy, no it is not what we are paying for, but rather what is the time we are living in. However there are things we can do to help reduce the level of destruction. One is understand, cleanliness is goodliness and if we keep our refuse from clogging our drains, and filling our rivers, it will help. If we begin to take stock of how we build and where we build we will be better off. We can’t stem the tides, but we can ride the waves. As long as industry rules the day, and money makes the mere fly, we wil continue to see big business in rich countries prevent politicians from doing what needs to be done. Therefore we will continue to witness the wanton destruction of earth by man and so the continued reaction of earth’s elements to this destuction, which can only be the destruction of the destroyer of earth. Our habitats will continue to be imperiled by our destructive behaviors. Earth can’t relent, if man doesn’t relent from destroying her.

    • jeanice says:

      i totally agree with you 100 per cent. when anything hppens outside of the norm , people always one to use it as a pay back..disaster do happen we are living on the planet earth. hello’.

  14. buffy says:

    ohhhh boy God’s mercies this time on …i’d not like to say we paying for something …i jus hope we see it as a wake up call and not go about living our lives like all is well , after all dt i hope we are better able to appreciate life and each other and i also hope dt government officials dont take their positions for granted.. they are voted in positions to help others first and themselves after

    • syedoly says:

      God bless our country and the people I am praying for my family and friends and am very sadden by this serious bad weather.i love my country and my people and may we start uniting with each other .please stop the violence and crimes this is a sign for us we were a beautiful country lets keep it a beautiful people and stop the killing

    • akeem says:

      I told every body a bout the great flood to come, they don’t lesson to what I am saying,there is more to come,we need to stop the killing in the caribbean,to much blood sharing on the Island,s,God is not please if that,so please stop,my people do some thing about it,So get read of all Idols,graven Images from your home,that the only it can stop,I am pleading to my people,we all are Isrealite slaves, you all are God people,the true Isrealite people

      • Earl says:

        Why the flood doesn’t wash away the killers? It seems like what a fair and just God would do, instead the poor and the innocents are the ones bring punish for the sins of others while the guilty continue to prosper.

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