Historical Meeting of Engineers, Architects and Surveyors

The Professional Engineers of St Lucia (APESL) in collaboration with the Institute of Surveyors (St Lucia) Inc and the St Lucia Institute of Architects held what they called a historical meeting at the Auberge Seraphine Hotel on Wednesday this week.
The meeting which was planned to discuss the Prime Minister’s 2012/2013 Budget presentation evolved into a forum where members of all three organizations shared similar concerns with regards to the construction industry in St Lucia.
President of the APESL, Nigel Fulgence says this has been his dream for a long time. He says he did not want to leave the executive without having to establish a communication forum where all three organizations can meet to discuss issues affecting them in the industry.
“We heard the Prime Minister’s 2012/2013 Budget speech with regards to the construction industry and we decided from the engineering association that we should invite the architects, invite the quantity surveyors to review that aspect of the budget and to discuss it among our members,” said Fulgence.
The president says that this will be a continuing forum where professionals from the three organizations will meet to review matters relating to the budget, promises made by the Prime Minister and how it affects the progress of the industry.
“We need to sensitize our members of what was said in the budget and how it affects them in the future. We are of the view that professional organizations in St Lucia need to start reviewing things in a professional manner,” he said.
Fulgence says based on the attendance and interaction from members, the meeting was a success. According to the president, another meeting has been planned in three weeks to further discuss issues and matters relating to the construction stimulus package as announce by the Prime Minister in his budget presentation. He says his organization is looking forward to collaborating with the other two bodies as they press forward amidst a difficult period for the industry.
Fulgence, together with his counterparts expressed much concern with regards to the implementation of VAT. He says unlike other professionals such as doctors and lawyers, who receive their payment before delivery, engineers, architects and surveyors do not follow
the same procedure.                 According to Fulgence, their payment for the most part comes days, even weeks after they have delivered their services and therefore would be paying VAT on an invoice they have not collected payment for.
Meanwhile, President of the Institute of Surveyors (St Lucia) and also the President of the Institute of Architects both expressed satisfaction with the evening’s meeting and say they look forward to future dialogue with the engineers.
This was the first joint meeting since all three bodies were established here in
St Lucia.

APESL president Nigel Fulgence.

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