Homeless person found dead in the CDC

Rambally’s Funeral Parlour prepares to take away body.

The lifeless body of a man was on Monday morning discovered near the CDC court by residents. According to witnesses, the vagrant whom everyone calls, “Bobby Brown” was seen just moments before he laid himself on the ground in his usual hunt for breakfast.

A police officer on the scene says the body was discovered at around 9:30 am when someone noticed Brown had been in that spot for too long. The officer further stated that residents in the area say it was unusual for him to remain in the same spot for too long and by their observation, he seemed “too unresponsive.”

“This morning we got a call from someone reporting a dead body in the CDC area. Information gathered so far was that he walked pass the court as usual. He would normally look down on the ground for monies or something and he is that type of person who would sit anywhere. So it wasn’t unusual for people to see him sitting there or lying down. He is one of the city vagrants.

“What alarmed the person was how long he was there for. So someone checked him; they shook him and noticed he was unresponsive. Then they called the police and we responded. We found him lying there, we checked his pulse ourselves – being trained in that field as well and we found no pulse. We are not the ones to pronounce him dead, the doctor is but in my opinion, he is dead. So far we suspect no foul play,” said the officer.

Residents in the area say in the last few days, Brown had been looking very ill; therefore this comes as no surprise to them. No word was given as to whether an autopsy will be performed on the body.

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