How Silence Must Be Golden For Sammy!

How Silence Must Be Golden For Darren Sammy!

Darren Sammy-Leading from the front
As the last Pakistani batsman in Saeed Ajmal’s middle stump was shattered by a Darren Sammy offcutter to cap off the first West Indies Test win in two years with his 5th wicket….
The silence was palpable… not only due to the sparseness of the virtual non existent crowd,but more symbolically for Darren Sammy due to the silencing of his hordes of critics.
Of course the critics will bite back by claiming one ‘swallow doesn’t make a Summer’ and other such things like it was against a very average Pakistan side.To back up their universal condemnation of Sammy for not only being unfit for the West Indies leadership,but even his worthiness to be in the side.
This very strange in a side that has players like Devon Smith,Brendon Nash and Carlton Baugh, who for everything they are in cricket- Test class isnt part of their make up.Then you have others like Ranmaresh Sarwan who for all the talent and potential he has been blessed with he has never had the temperament to turn it into sustained performance.
Then when you look at Sammy’s career more closely you tend to question why people are so critical?
For out of all the West Indian bowlers that are currently on the scene in Tests he has the best record with his 12 Tests netting 36 wickets at a very respectable average of 26.25

That’s better than Kemar Roach 11 matches,38 wickets@28.6
Better than Ravi Rampaul 6 Tests,11 wickets@46.72
Then Fidel Edwards 43 matches,122 wickets@39.43
And the much hyped Jerome Taylor 29 matches,82@35.62

Certainly makes for interesting reading doesn’t it?
And if indeed his bowling is deemed as not Test class well then how can the others in the Caribbean be deemed as being acceptable?
In truth he is the type of bowler that could represent perfect balance to any attack….
A defence minded bowler that can bowl long spells to maintain pressure. To allow the more attacking types to come on in short sharp bursts from the other end
Though despite this obvious appeal in his bowling the critics will raise their collective eyebrows and point to his Captaincy.
Justifiably so too after him spearheading the Teams first win in 2 years in Tests.A victory that looked pie in the sky stuff with the lead up to the game that was symbolised by the shambolic nature that sadly is West Indies cricket.
Despite this you cant help but revel in Sammy’s reading of the game on the last day in regards to the pitch and the absence of techniques and temperament in the Pakistani batsmen.His courage to bring himself on was not only a master stroke, but a clear indication to all that as Captain his desire was to lead from the front.When the destination of the game was starting to fall in Pakistan’s favour with the stubbornness of Misbah in partnership with the precocious talent and dangerous stroke play of Umar Akmal.
Though in an age where playing straight is fast becoming akin to the Dodo. Sammy’s line and length bowling was like a hot knife through butter that culminated in 5 wickets and victory
Most would see that as being the true mark of a Captain leading from the front to spur his Team to a victory when it started to have doubt attached to it.
Then others in the Team would be inspired by his heart and true grit and with it the example set that dictates others to follow.
Maybe Darren Sammy’s critics should start being vocal about his positives for a change……….
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