In defence of Prostitutes and Jabals Part II

The record does not show that Jesus kept the royal responsibility and this for good reason.
However, the events at Jesus’ baptism tell quite a bit. Luke  3 : 22—The Holy Ghost  (spirit) descended in bodily form  like a  dove. It  was not a dove but like a dove. It had a body.                         That involves a little bible symbolism. Solomon’s  Song  of Songs, aka the Song of Solomon, show Solomon had quite a bit to say about his  dove. We all know Solly boy was a womanizer, or however, nice way you wish to phrase it. In Song of Solomon 1:14, also chapters 4:1, chapter 4 : he refers to her two  breasts, he refers to her lips, verse 11; he calls her his sister verse 12. In chapter 5 verse 1, she  says of him: My beloved puts his hand by the hole . . . and my bowels were moved. Verse 6: I opened for my beloved . . . my beloved  withdrew  himself. You figure it out.   Chapter 5 :11-16 she refers (so she can speak) to his head, his eyes, his cheeks, his hands, his legs, his mouth. Again he calls her his dove and in Chapter 5 verses 2 and 9 he talks about her feet her thighs; her navel. Solly boy working his way up from her feet, suddenly jumps to her navel? Come on!  Not that Solomon. I mean she had to be undressed. Solly tambien (also) was unclothed. Now  the word dove ties the song  of songs to the events at Jesus’ baptism and Jesus’ holy spirit is like  a (singular A) dove. In other words like one dove  one other dove . . . like  the dove of Solomon. Now the woman comes to Jesus to be impregnated in order to carry on the  LORD’S  line to the next generation. Jesus is also called by the title:  LORD, but his name is Jesus.
It is the holy spirit acting through the man Joseph of  Arimathea as male and the same holy spirit acting as female through the virgin  named Mary, as well as Jesus’ mysterious  woman. Thus  portraying the male and female couple of Genesis, jointly called God; Gen. 1: 26, 27, 28.  It all took place under the supervision of a wayfaring priest called Baptist—John the Baptist. It is that same male and female God that  said let us make man in our  . . . The word  man also portrays male and female.
Thus Jesus’ children are today hidden from public view, for they are children of the Lord of Genesis. If Jesus did not have children, he would have  disannulled the promises made to Abraham and David, but we have seen not even Law could destroy that  promise.
Neither could the law destroy the rite of prostitution, associated with the priesthood. If Jesus did not have children it follows that the priesthood to whom preservation of the promise was entrusted, did not recognize him. Accordingly the premise upon which  Christianity is founded would be null and void of all relevance with all the implications. Get the point? Prostitution then is central to Jesus’ life and thus central to Christianity. If we take time to read the genealogies so aptly recorded in the text. Check First Chronicles chapters one to nine. Matthew chapter one and Luke chapter three and the rite of prostitution  is congruent to the genealogies of those men and intertwined with their lives being faithfully recorded in the account of men like Abraham, Lot Judah, Boaz, David, Solomon etc.

After  Solomon the nation began to remove itself from God. Solomon  forsaw  this and sent the ark of the covenant  to Ethiopia to his son  Menelek—a son he had with the queen of Sheba, an outside child, following the same principle encased in the sacred rite of prostitution. Solomon prepared for such an event well in advance, chose not only the woman but the country to which such a powerful instrument be sent. The  Kabra Negast which is the life of the Queen of Sheba and her son  Menelek records the entire story.
A major threat developed  when Babylon invaded Israel. The events are recorded in the text, especially 2 Kings chapters 24 and 25.  Second  Chronicles chapter 36 also elaborates on this . However the concise account is in  Matthew, chapter one verses 11 -15, which underscore the need for sacred prostitution. The royal lineage was under increased threat and would remain under such heightened threat under four distinct phases of captivity, starting   with Nebuchadnezzar’s invasion, through Cyrus King of Persia  and  then Darius the  Mede, by this time the record is in Daniel and Esther, then under the Greek domination of Alexander the Macedon and followed by Roman domination by which time we arrive to Jesus and the events to   which he was central.
The biblical text preserves the immense threat  faced by the royal line of  one called Lord Sacred Prostitution was paramount to  its’ preservation.
Jesus called Mary Magdalene affectionately Mary, to which she replied  Rabboni, a term which connotes more than simply  Master, but  in the context of Jesus’ tone of voice as he addressed her, and her response as she rushed to embrace him, suggests something like My master, My love, my darling. Jesus’ own response speaks volumes:  Don’t touch me for I have not  ascended to  my father and your father . . . (Again portraying the brother sister relationship started in Abraham). Jesus’ response underscores the presumption that the prostitute,  Mary Magdalene was in the frequent habit of embracing  him, and that after he had gone to see their father (John 20:16–17),  she would be free to  embrace him; something the Song of Solomon strongly suggests.

The  name Emmanuel  recorded in chapter one  of Matthew’s account verse 23, could not be referring to  Jesus. Jesus’ name was Jesus. V 21 and it  is  capitalized. The name Emmanuel is not capitalized, and it follows the name Jesus according to  strict  genealogical  tradition Luke 2: 4 (please note this verse) Luke 3:23–38, First Chronicles  chapts. 1-9. The position of the names and the relation that this suggests that this Emmanuel could be Jesus’ descendant, for example a  son or a very near relative, who, in the event of Jesus’ death prior to having children, could be looked upon to carry on the royal lineage.

The biblical Leah
The online dictionary has these synonymns  for the word prostitute: girlfriend, roommate, main squeeze, kept woman.
Additionally,  the meaning of the word hire is: to engage the services of a person or persons for wages or other payment. The meaning of the word  prostitute is: a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money. In our culture a kept woman is a jabal.
Remember Jacob? Abraham’s Grandson. Yes, Jacob had two wives, sisters named Leah and Rachael.  His wives, those two sisters each gave old Jakes their maids as  Jabals (Gen 30: 1 -10). The account recorded in chapter 30 is very interesting in the  context. The whole of this chapter deals with financial transactions regarding hire. Be that as it may, It appears old Jakes spent more time in Rachel’s bed, accordingly God blessed Leah, Jacob’s primary wife with seven of his children thirteen children (Twelve sons and a daughter Dinah). Now Judah, remember him ? The same one who pledged his signet ring and staff, until he sent a young goat to the prostitute? This same Judah was out in the field collecting mandrakes, a sort of narcotic or sexual stimulant. A little high can’t hurt right? At least as the record  shows.
Rachael asked Leah, her sister, for some of the mandrakes and Leah replied in effect; You have my husband now you want my son’s mandrakes? Leah played her trump card, she really wanted some mandrake, so she told Leah: Okay Jakes will sleep with you for your  mandrakes. Gen 30:14-15.                 After the deal is done Leah rushed out to Jakes and said, You have to sleep with me tonight for I have hired you, for my son’s mandrakes. Old Jakes had no choice. The women, true to the ability of women  had  checkmated him. Gen 30: 6. Verse 17 states “GOD HEARKENED TO LEAH” and she conceived.             As the story goes, Jacob spent some time in Leah’s bedroom for she bore him a sixth child—another boy and then she  bore  him  Dinah. If we use the mandrake episode as a focal point then she gets three for the price of one, or  maybe four for the price of one if we count Jacob as having been effectively bought. Genesis  30: 7–21. What is very telling are Leah’s words when Issachar was  born. Note verse 18 God has given me my hire . . .
The Bible seems to be a very concise  book,  and  the fact that an entire chapter—Genesis 30—concentrates on hire and reward, especially sex for hire, accentuates its importance in the religion-cultural ethos of that time. An ethos, I might add, which is present  in  all cultures today.
So very important to all this is  the placement of the events. Issachar was the fifth child, and she has three children following the mandrake episode which equals child 5, 6  and 7. These form the focal point or centre of Jake’s  brood. And  underscoring  that  center is business deal  in which sex in given in exchange for some reward, in that case mandrakes. In our times now money is used as the primary means of  reward  for sexual  favours. The twelve sons of Jacob became  the twelve patriarchs from whom came the twelve tribes from whom comes the hundred and forty four thousand who accompanies the Lamb  wherever he goes. See Rev 7 and Rev  14:1-4.                      Therefore we find two threads running from Genesis to Revelation—one with reference to the tribes of Israel and  the forefathers  from which they came, and congruent,  as well as central to it, is the thread relating to sexual acts for reward which was intimately tied to it.
These are all recorded in the Holy Bible upon which the whole of Christianity is based. For the bible relates the story of ancient Israel and it’s  supposed coming spiritual form. Lots of food for thought!

It is easy to  see  then  that prostitution as we know it is evolved from this primary form. It’s a hard truth people have fought for centuries to evade, ignore for their own purposes.
Modern prostitutes sell love. Are they hated of
I can suggest to my fellow Lucians as we discuss this (and that’s the purpose of this article) that we follow the admonition of Paul in the book of Romans. One person likes meat,  another  likes  vegetables.  One person worships on Monday another worships on any day. Let us not burden ourselves with endless legalisms. See Romans chapter  14: verses 3, 5, 8,10, 12, 13. I thank God that I’ve been loved by many prostitutes and may
God grant me  many
more! A little mandrake would not be unwelcome either. God gave David many women and told him that if he, David  wanted more God would give him more, 2 Samuel  1:8 Revised Standard Version.
The Government can make social services available to women engaged in this line of  work, which they would be free to use, just as they would use the available services of a bank.
Engaging in sexual activity is no more dangerous than driving in a car, or a boat or going to outer space, but  we can ensure that they are educated as to the dangers  involved, in the same way  we  train our children if we taught them to shoot.  Let’s leave  well  enough alone. So they don’t pay taxes? Well, consider it a gift to them who have to endure being  ostracized because of their line of work. What they don’t pay in tax will be put into the  local economy,  thus helping in its stimulation.
Finally if we are a nation under God, let us consider His/Her thoughts on sex and prostitution, so clearly expressed throughout the biblical account. Let
us reflect and ponder carefully the thoughts of this God of fertility not as a matter of Law but as a matter of love.

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