Is Cabinet Reshuffle Coming?

Word on the ground is that there is a major cabinet reshuffle coming soon. Sources have informed The STAR that the Ministries of Tourism and Health will be among those affected. The word is that the health Minister Alvina Reynolds is among those who will be axed.

Already the prime minister has made some changes to his own offices. Former head of the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) Dawn French has replaced Dr. Alison Plummer as the PS in the PM’s office we have been reliably informed.  Dr. Plummer who was recently very defensive of the government’s cruise-ship worker program is said to have been transferred to the ministry of infrastructure and port services.

Our source has also informed that a former police-chief who got a cushy job in the PM’s office after taking the government to court may be the one to manage the nation’s disaster preparedness.

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5 Responses to Is Cabinet Reshuffle Coming?

  1. joe says:

    So we must get excited as these imbeciles and opportunists ” rearrange the chairs on the Titanic”.
    What is the objective of this exersize? To improve St Lucia? To become more efficient?
    Forget that , you are nuts if you think so!
    The agenda is to ensure Kenny and the opportunists have access to the money and power trough to keep feeding. Parasites!

  2. Amatus Edwards says:

    Are you suggesting that PJP will be sent to Tourism? And Lorne? Incomplete news is no news….

  3. Ras Tabanka says:

    It’s Learie Carasco my friend.

  4. MJ says:

    Hasn’t Dawn French been made DEPUTY PERMANENT SECRETARY in the PM’s office and has therefore not replaced Dr. Plummer as P.S? Nt sure about the “reliable” sources.

  5. Fer De Lance says:

    Tourism is suffering under the boring guy from Choiseul, we need Chastanet to be head of tourism, in fact we need Chastanet to replace Kenny right away. Ask yourself this, are you better off since the arrival of better days? I’m not, and no amount of cabinet reshuffling is going to change things, Red is bad for your standard of living, Red means debt.

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