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Is the government about to insult the Art world?

Roderick Walcott (left) and Derek Walcott.

Roderick Walcott (left) and Derek Walcott.

The Walcott Brothers, Roderick and the Honourable Derek Walcott, have contributed more to Saint Lucia’s reputation overseas than any other Saint Lucian artistes. With their Saint Lucia Arts Guild they had made Saint Lucia not only the premier artistic centre of the Caribbean, but, as well, the envy of the Region in theatrical productions.
The world has come to know of the Hon Derek Walcott through his poetry and his plays. He is, without any shadow of doubt, the most famous poet alive to-day writing in the English language.
His twin brother, the late Roderick Walcott, elevated Saint Lucia’s Folk Culture to heights undreamed of since his death, and, through his musicals, with which Mr Charles Cadet collaborated, he has left us with a string of memorable songs from such as ‘Banjoman,’ ‘Chanson Marianne,’ ‘Romiel Ec Juliette,’ ‘The Guitar Man’s Song,’ and ‘The Devil At Christmas,’ to name but a few, not to mention his other plays.
In 1986, as the newly appointed Director of Culture, I persuaded the Government of Saint Lucia to participate in a Cultural Festival in the United Kingdom, ‘Caribbean Focus,’ and took along two plays, Derek Walcott’s ‘Ti-Jean And His Brothers’ and the musical, ‘Banjoman,’ plus pieces of sculpture by Joseph Eudovic and photographs of Saint Lucia’s most exciting sceneries by Mr Frank Norville, a most competent photographer.
The world knew of the Hon Derek Walcott through his poetry, but, outside Saint Lucia, his twin brother, Roderick, a most accomplished playwright, was unknown. I was determined to change that.
Since the demise of the Saint Lucia Arts Guild, once the Walcott Brothers had left Saint Lucia, the only Government that had set out to create the enabling environment for the Arts in Saint Lucia was that of the late Sir John Compton when, in 1964, he had his Government to purchase the lands at Barnards Hill as the site of Saint Lucia’s National Theatre.  Forty-six years later we still have not that National Theatre.
Not only that, but what we have of Saint Lucia’s most prestigious poet and playwright is a public square named after him! Not even a Department of the Creative Arts, named after him, at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. Worse yet, his marvelous project, The Rat Island Foundation where the Hon Derek Walcott would have brought to Saint Lucia some of the world’s most famous artists to train young Saint Lucians in the various artistic disciplines, never got the support to get off the ground.
Rumours are now circulating that the Government intends to seek an alternative site for Saint Lucia’s National Theatre and to establish Government Offices instead on Barnard Hill. If those rumours were to be true then that would be the final and
greatest insult to the memory and vision of the Father of the Nation, the late Sir John George Melville Compton.


36 Responses to Is the government about to insult the Art world?

  1. John Mangal says:

    So it is Derek Walcott responsibility to build an Arts Theater? Do we really hear ourselves? Such ridiculous gabbage. The fact is it is the responsibilty of government to provide it for it’s citizens. Why the hell do they teach the arts in schools? Are we serious when we blame Derek Walcott? Derek Walcott owe nobody jack shit, but the government owes it’s people the enabling envionment for the arts to grow. If it’s not government responsibility then Derek should build schools and all the heads of sporting organisations in the country should build their own facilities from their pockets. Again its not Walcott’s responsibilty, but government whether it be UWP,SLP or whoever. Any wonder politicians so easily F**k with our brains. For the one who say dont bring politics in it, you must understand politics is in whether you like it or not. Politics is not the problem. It’s the partisanship which is the problem. We must stop hiding behind the ridiculous excuse of politics, because political decisions affect our lives one way or the other whether we like it or not. That’s the reality we fail to realise thats why we progress at snail’s pace.When we stoop to such levels we simply absolve the politicians from their responsibility while we fight among our selves over trivial matters. They benefit from our ignorance and we suffer.

    • woe woe woe says:

      so so true mangal, Junior mentioned the LIBRARY and I squirmed, when was the last time any of you went into the NATIONAL LIBRARY it’s a shame the state of it and it’s lack of resources. If Governments and I mean Governments over many years have not realized the NEED of a good, well equipped LIBRARY, how the hell they will feel a need to build a Theatre. For those of you who keep saying Sir Derek Walcott is wealthy and can afford to build a theatre, how the hell do you know that? and why not demand that Chastanet build the theatre I mean he must have more money than Sir Walcott.

      Somebody asked why Trinidad got the better of him, HELLO because they gave more to him, we should be grateful that this man still aligns himself with St. Lucia. Trinidad gave more to him. Compton and Mallet called him a Johnny Come lately, they were both foreigners as far as I’m concerned. One more than the other, they raped and pillaged this soil for their own benefits and they had the audacity to call a true son of the SOIL a Johnny come lately. Where is the National Theatre they built for St. Lucia, If I understand it well they exerted their energies into amassing land for their own selves. I always wonder how politicians who own little money are able to buy so much property.

  2. junior stewart says:

    When will the Dereck Walcott Center for the Performance Arts build ? Or the Saint Lucian National Libary ? All this will happen years after they have build enough tennis courts. Preserving the works of Walcott and Saint Lucian Arts and Culture is not on any goverments agenda NO MATTER WHO IS IN OFFICE. They can say Jamaican’s are lower than a snakes belly , but you better believe their arts and culture is well preserve, celerbrated, documented, adored by some and envious and dispise by many. Jamaican Art and Culture is taught in the schools just like the Jews do with theirs and Lucians need to do the same. St. Lucians need to know themselves !! The Arts are the DNA of a peoples culture and history.

  3. stlucia tea party says:

    the worst crime is to leave a man,s hands empty………….they cried for the little thing after the big thing……..behind me ,reverential mourners whispered like people in banks or terminal wards;Art is immortal and weighs heavily on us……..dw…..cheers

  4. Thank you Botox for your stunning observation. I agree with most of the points you raised here as this is what I have been saying for years to our folks here in Europe and The Caribbean. You are so on point there.

    Just one point that I need to rectify here and that is I am not asking nor am I suggesting people to be beggars. I am simply saying that we as a people need to accept responsibility for our actions and destiny. We need to lay the ghosts of the past to rest and move on. We need to do for we what needs to be done for we. Let us love respect and help one another with no strings attached.

    You made some valid points here and should be commended for having the courage to do so. Hats off to you Botox.

    Big Up Botox and St Lucia.

    Malcolm L’Overture
    Haitian-Lucian Comrade

    • Andre says:

      You know Malcom..Hear this.Evryone is saying that DW has done so much for St.Lucia and noone has placed on the table of discussion the fruits that DW has planted farless grown..Like an earlier person said.Drogba .Essien has returned to their homes and built facilities to help the society that they have grwon up in..Without the help of that Government..Why Doesn’t DW establish a center for the ARTS with his own resources and personal influence?..He DW being a great writer and respected in the World community could have an impact on our tourist market vis-a-vis a contribution by him..Malcolm please don’t engage the idiotic TP in dialogue there is an obvious misunderstanding of the content of this discussion. In a nut shell DW should not wait for the Government to build him a center so to speak but invest his own resources in the building of his ART Center..Tea party name the thing that DW has done for St.Lucia period other than his writting…And why Trinidad and Boston? And you ask yourself if you are Honest and up front What’s wrong with St.Lucia..Doesn’t our Society deserve such a center..Maicolm thanks for your Honesty and open mindedness. Botox is also a great dude thanks for recognising truth from fiction…The Tea Party smells like coco tea…ah! huh!!

  5. nou pwee says:

    tell it like it is bo…..some of us just like to repeat rubbish…………i would feel lucky to swim on the same beach that sir dereck did……..that attitude is why the thousands of lucians all over the world ,who are doing great things refuse to come back to stlucia …..although they would love to contribute………thank you sir dereck for all you have done for stlucia and the caribbean………

  6. Botox says:

    Malcom I always enjoy your writing style, but the idea of borders, country of origin and debt to society are the chains of the politically minded slave drivers, this world is just one planet, you are born free of any debt to anyone or any one country. The politicians would love to brain wash every living human that they should be patriotic and that you should be grateful and proud of your place of birth, let me tell you that I do not owe anyone any obligations nor do they owe me. Mr. Walcott is a free man and you should not encourage people to be beggars.

  7. Joseph Dosserie says:


    Please read Rick’s latest book and understand fully why Derek and many others were not able to do what you are saying. And maybe thats why you and the many others are still lying in the dark. I challenge you since you said Derek did nothing for St Lucia, to please come foward and make a big change.
    It was all idiots like lansiquot who condemned Derek because he spoke about the rape of the pitons. Poor you, just talk and no action. Make a difference for the better. Get out of the political and selfish socio economic closet and let the bread rise with some good yeast.

    • Joseph Dosserie: I can assure you that I am not living in the dark. I am very much enlightened and cease to dwell on the past. I believe if you are living in the present time your actions should correspond with the present time. I am very much involved in the black community here in Europe and beyond. I assist wherever and whenever I can.

      I have helped people Many-A-Times whether it be with immigration problems, Housing, Medical or other forms of charity. I teach and help students from all over the world. I am doing my level best to ensure that one is not washed and put out to dry.I believe in making sure that we put into practice what we have acquired through education. This is where we as black folks fail.

      We are too busy hitting and destroying each other – We are so bent on history that is of little significance to us here in the Caribbean. We are still wearing the rags of our decayed inheritance. We are always looking for someone to blame instead of taking responsibilty for our actions and destiny. We blame slavery and the whiteman, yet the very people who blame the Europeans are the ones licking their boots and filling them up with fibs about their fellow blacks.

      Why don’t we learn a thing or two from the Japanese –They were bombed many years ago –They did not whinged or carried on with a chip on their shoulders like we blacks do…They moved on and went back to the drawing boards to figure out a way to get back at their foes… Now they are a leading industrial power building all the sophisticated gadgets you could think of and then selling to the very peoples that annihilated their cities during World War 2.

      Your characterisation of the late Romanus Lansiquot, has left me lost for words here. This is a gentleman who gave his heart and soul to Saint Lucia, and there you are relegating him to the doldrums. Lansiquot gave more to St Lucia than Walcott will ever do in his lifetime. RIP Romanus.

      Malcolm L’Overture
      Haitian-Lucian Comrade

  8. St Lucia Tea party, you are getting on your high horse for nothing – You can call me all the names under the sun I will not stoop to your level. You are not worth the bother. I will let you know that I have contributed towards many projects in St Lucia, but I will not lament on this as I think its of no relevance towards what is being discussed here.

    People like me! What do you mean by that? Derek Walcott decided a long time ago that he would not reside in St Lucia, and that he would take on the traits of another country. I have in no way contributed towards this man’s neglecting and forsaking his own country for the climes of another. I was not even born yet when he decided to do this. He did this on his own volition.

    Why hasn’t he given St Lucia a theatre company on par with Trinidad? I have a lil suggestion for him. Why not contribute fully or in part towards the construction of the national theatre? He is very wealthy and I am sure can secure funding from other interested parties to get this project off the ground.

    The man simply does not care about St Lucia. I have spoken to quite a few Lucians about this man and the picture they paint about him isn’t pretty. These are Lucians who know him of course. Those I am refering to here are very high profile –There are quite a number of distinguished Lucians who are making their mark in the various disciplines and not a word is being written about them. Wheerever I go in the world I champion the cause of St Lucia and Haiti. I am not ashamed to say that I am Lucian and Haitian at the same time.

    I will let you know that I am not ashamed of my past ancestry. You lot seem to pin on the fact that I am – Haiti is not all about Voodoo and if you will do your reseach you will realise that there are other religions and ancient beliefs being practice in Haiti. People like you are so bent on the stereotypes. Its no wander you know nothing else about Haiti.. Think Mate!

    Malcolm L’Overture

    • stlucia tea party... says:

      you admit that you do not know the man…yet you say so much…..i have been to haiti….i have lived among haitians…….they are their own worse enemy……thats a fact……why you not living in haiti…..who the hell are you to decide where sir dereck lives?…….you ask me to think but do you?….i think you just love to hear youself……….sir dereck has done many great things for stlucia…..who are you to tell him what to do……trinadad is part of the caribbean….we are suppose to be one people…….do you know how many stlucians go to school in trinidad?….please leave dereck name out of your voodoo writings…..toof

      • I think you are charmed by the sound of your own voice Teaparty or whatever you call yourself…Why are you laying into me? You are empty and have no meaningful contributions to make so you pick on points raised here and you slam head down without any proper reasoning or understanding. You lack sense and I think if you had two brain cells left they will soon die of lonliness.

        Do you know about your ancestors who you said was from Africa? I bet you my bottom pound you don’t. I don’t have to personally meet Derek to know about him. I have seen him in London and Saint Lucia, but never had the desire to want to converse with him. Its because I see him like everyone else. He is a human being full of intrigue and gay abandon.

        I have read some of his works and to be honest I am not impressed. I have met people who have spent time with Walcott and the stories I hear I could write a good tale about him . But that is neither here nor there.

        You say you have been to Haiti and lived with Haitians–Somehow I don’t believe you. You are just saying that to save face and to bring a punchline to this argument. If you had lived with people from the French part of Hispanola you would have realised they are some of the warmest people one can ever meet. You know nothing about Haiti and the struggles they have been through since independence.

        I suggest you make yourself useful and before insanity infiltrates your little brain find something meaningful to occupy it with. Walcott is his worst enemy- He is ashamed of his history, ancestry and way of life. He may be a hero to you and many but to me he is just plain ole Derek Walcott or whatever his alter-ego is.

        You need to change your tune TeaParty and stop the scratch record. Play something nice and decent for all to enjoy. Something that can arouse one’s intellect and stop defending an ascetic individual who does not give a toss about you and St Lucia.

        Big Up St Lucia-Haiti
        Malcolm L’Overture
        Haitian Lucian…

      • I don’t write Voodoo you moron. Who is more interested in the subect ? You are the one bringing it up all the time you write… and lest we forget -who wrote Haitian Earth?

        There is no such thing as “Voodoo Writings” –shows the level of your intelligence.. you being an ardent follower of Walcott.

        Please have a read of the transcripts of Derek’s Haitian Earth before you try to impress anything on me.

        And you say you are a fan of Walcott’s work. Are you really? Maybe you might want to have a change of thought and heart towards Haitians afterwards…

        I Love Haiti and St Lucia as well as the entire Caribbean where I am from–

        Big Up Haiti – St Lucia And The Caribbean

        Malcolm L’Overture
        Haitian-Lucian Comrade

  9. Botox says:

    When I first met Derek Walcott some years ago, I told him that his writing made no sense to me, I said this in total arrogance and ignorance. I had only sampled a few lines from a book of poems. Of course as I started to explore his writings I became addicted to his amazing style and the way his use of words were so powerful and beautiful.

    Mr. Walcott does not owe anyone or country anything, nor do they owe him, but it would be a tremendous loss for any living person to live this life without falling in love with his work. While he is alive his presence is a gift to us all, his art has made us more alive and has added something more to this beautiful world, just love the man for who he is.

  10. Sir Jacques Compton are you hearing yourself? You said that after 46 years St Lucia still does not have a national theatre after land was allocated. Why blame Sir John? At least he gave the land. Why can’t the prodigiously wealthy Derek Walcott build it or make a donation towards the building of this theatre?

    The late Romanus Lansiquot once said to me in London that Walcott had spent so much time out of St Lucia and that he forgot about the island and probably does not give a toss about St Lucia. I could not agree more. Walcott from what I have seen and heard cares about one thing and that is Derek Walcott. This man’s arrogance knows no bounds. This is a man who after successfully completing his studies at UWI decided to settle in Tinidad and had nothing to do with St Lucia. He was often refered to as a Trinidadian, something he no doubt felt comfortable with.I remembered when he recieved the nobel prize for Literature I called the High commission here in London and was told to call the Trinidadian HC, as Walcott was dubbed the Trinidadian writer.

    What has Walcott done for St Lucia? This man came back to St Lucia only after researchers found out that he was born in the lovely isle and was educated there until he left as an adult to go study elsewhere. He was cornered and was left with no choice but to return to the island of his birth. He behaves like he is the best thing since William Shakespeare. He is not in the bard’s league. He founded the Trinidad theatre workshop and another in Boston –Why not one in St Lucia?

    The Walcott brothers have not contributed more to St Lucian arts overseas. The Walcotts specifically Derek Walcott have contributed to the inflating of Derek’s ego. There are plenty of young artists in Europe and beyond who are fashioning their art in a manner that depicts the island that is not being given a mention. Walcott is a narcissist and full of self-importance.

    Big Up St Lucia!

    Malcolm L’Overture

    • Sandy Brown says:

      I couldn’t have agreed with with more Malcolm, my sentiments exactly!

    • stlucia tea party says:

      pure rubbish as usual……….people like you is why dereck stays away from the spotlight………….he is a humble man……he loves his roots and not many can walk in his shoes…………….he has helped thousands of stlucians ……not every thing he does he talks about like most lucians who have money….respect is due …………the man is a great man and i will not sit by and let someone who does not even admit he is a decendant of vodoo africans talk rubbish about my hero………i woul wake up earl and clean the beach he use to chill with his wife …….what have you done for stlucia…..idiot….

      • Sandy Brown says:

        Yes, Derek Walcott is a great poet who was born in St. Lucia. The question is , has he used his influence to make St. Lucia a better place? I know he improved the Arts in Trinidad by building a Theatre there and one in Boston too but I don’t know what he has done to better the Arts in St. Lucia?

    • woe woe woe says:

      What a load of Garbage, why should Derek Walcott build a theatre for St. Lucia, what did St. Lucia contribute to Derek Walcotts Career apart from giving birth to him. At least John Compton got the benifit of St. Lucia even though he was from (Canawong) excuse spelling. How many years in leadership and depriving the growth of this nation through not educating it’s population and after all this you asking Derek Walcott to build a nationa Theatre. You should be ashamed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Mr Jacques Compton trust me we have no confidence in your words, well I don’t, simply because during your tenure as government appointed arts representative in St. Lucia, what did you do to improve the arts in St. Lucia ?

      The whole thing is a “mange cochon” Artist are upside down and the government representatives are on top them doing the most despicable things to them. The public are worse because most of them are quite happy to feed off artist/artiste without accounting to them for their talents. Hey reader when was the last time you bought an original CD and not a pirat copy. Musicians and artist don’t need charity we need a fair break and maybe we’ll build our own National Theatre.

  11. Joseph Dosserie says:

    And Marcus,
    How do you hope to do such, when the decesion makers are the politicians? You guys need to get real and realise for change to take place we must fight the nastiness of politics and make the required changes ourselves. All I see on this blog is words from people hding in closets afraid to do what it takes. When someone stands its branding all the way. If it takes a revolution then lets have a revolution.
    Wake up get real.

  12. Pimpa says:

    My friend Jacques Compton, let me quote you please…”the only Government that had set out to create the enabling environment for the Arts in Saint Lucia was that of the late Sir John Compton when, in 1964, he had his Government to purchase the lands at Barnards Hill as the site of Saint Lucia’s National Theatre. Forty-six years later we still have not that National Theatre.” Now, now Jacques tell me, wouldn’t it be fair to say that your Hero, John G. M. Compton, was the most guilty player in this matter? His UWP government bought the land for St. Lucia’s National Cultural Theater in 1964. The same John Compton ruled St. Lucia as Premier and Prime Minister for another 31 years (1964-1979; 1982-1997; and 2006-2007)!!!!!!!! Who is guilty of this major shame, Jacques? Who is to blame for St. Lucia not yet having a National Cultural Theater in 2010!!! Are you capable of providing an honest response to this, Jacques? I guess not, so I will respond for you. It’s NOT Roderick Walcott, it’s NOT Derek Walcott, it’s NOT Kenny Anthony, and it certainly is NOT Stephenson King. As Rick has said, this PM King could not even lead “a troop of Boy Scouts,” far less have the balls and the vision to build a National Cultural Theater. The guilty culprit Jacques, is your hero, the late, great, John George Melvin Compton (RIP). It’s the same John Compton who REFUSED to provide decent estimates in his National Budgets, year after year, after year, after year (31 YEARS!!!!!!!!) to build schools for St. Lucia’s poor children, while Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago, were budgeting to build schools. It’s the same John Compton who refused to build a stadium for St. Lucia’s sportsmen and sportswomen, yet, it is the same John Compton that people like YOU brought back into power at age 83, and sacrificed him on the altar of your selfishness and on the altar of the “economic class” that Phillip J. Pierre is talking about. Roderick is turning in his grave for poor St…

    • Furious says:

      Why can’t he build it for himself? After all he won the Nobel Prize and was rewarded very well not with peanuts but a good bit of U S dollars, at least but not last Sir John provide the land so I’m asking why can’t he build a theatre and name it after him.Lights camera action Sir Derek Walcott Theatre now thats giving back to your country.

  13. C-WIZ says:

    A great man by the name of Sir Walcott once said, ‘ a country without the Arts is a cultural desert.’ And that is so near the truth in the case of Saint Lucia. Our nation bleeds slowly of its life blood. We have a great tradition and never ending legacy championed by the Walcotts, Eudovics, Sessenne, and many other cultural icons. The Government moves with unconvincing urgency in saving the Arts. And if per change the make an effort, its with gross mediocrity the proceed. I applaud the Europeans in the way the laud their Voltaires, Shakespeares, Tutuffes and marlowes. For them Art never stops. Day in day out they indulge in the Arts. I long for the day when we will have our own National Arts Theatre. Maybe that day will never come. We say there is nothing for the young to do? Well if from a tender age they are instructed to appreciate our Literature, then they would bless us on the stages of Saint Lucia playing the roles written by our World famous Laurate. Instruct them in the art of painting, acting, poetry, music, architecture, sculpture. I can assure you, our children are losing out on a world of beauty and learning. Crime and poverty we will never eradicate but the frequency we can surely reduce if the young find something interesting to divert their energies.

    Ah, make the most of what we may yet spend,
    Before we too into the Dust descent,
    Dust into Dust, and under Dust, to lie.
    Sans Wine, sans Song, sans Singer,
    And – sans End!

    Omar Khayyam.

  14. Botox says:

    How can poor people appreciate art? This is not possible when your first concern is to feed and house your family. Sorry to say this but art is a luxury and we are a very poor nation.

    • marcus garvey 2 says:

      yes bo…but art can put bread on the table……….boston university paying a lucian artist over 100g a year for his art…….some paintings sell for millions of dollars….lets not be shot sighted ….art is great for stlucia socially and economically…………tell me if i am wrong……the problem with us artist is that we think we are sales men too….thats our major mistake…..thats why most of our mucians fail…….art feed the stomer family for decades……art brings tourist to stlucia… keeps kids off the streets….ect ect…..

      • Botox says:

        You have some good points, you’re saying that kids should be introduced and exposed to art in a positive and commercial way.

    • C-WIZ says:

      Botox while it seems you have a point, the truth is Art in all its forms is generally not appreciated in our culture. And it has nothing to do with poor people not appreciating Art. Art breaks all boundaries and is not elitist or favours economic status…atleast in this 21st century. Have you heard of Steven Wiltshire? He is half Saint Lucian and today his Art is being sold for thousands of pounds in Europe and around the World. We just need to change our mentality bro.

      Just a point…yesterday I witnessed an auction for a Masai spear and shield (from Kenya) in the Europe. And of all the articles on auction, attendants were biding thousands of pounds for piece of Kenyan history. Art is alive and true.

    • Sandy Brown says:

      Didier Drogba built a Football Academy in the Ivory Coast,
      Michael Essein did the same in his home country and many more celebrities. Most St. Lucians who do well abroad and surpass expectations hardly do anything for St. Lucia. Rather than helping their fellow countrymen they use their status to belittle locals and then cry about not being appreciated more……

      • Botox says:

        Steven Wiltshire is one of a kind. His autism seems to have gifted him with an amazing photographic memory capability, I mean his drawings are to scale and we are talking about drawing with details of exact angles, buildings with the right number of windows, to put it short I am just blown away by his abilities.

        What is art? To me, art simply means an individual is creatively expressing their true self. It is not about any one type of creation, it just has to come from your heart. Art is the ultimate flowering of oneself.

        WE can introduce the love of art to St. Lucians, everyone just has to appreciate it in their own way, but exposure is the key.

  15. marcus garvey 2 says:

    let us keep politics out of this tragedy………..let us all take a stand to restore the arts…without art stlucia will lose its soul…………when we realize that art is essential for the development of any people…….when we realise that we are slowly loseing our culture to ‘do anything for money’ …..maybe then we will wake up and do something………….or is it already too late………art is essential stlucia……let us all play our part to restore whats left instead of playing politics with the arts..

  16. Joseph Dosserie says:

    My Dear friend Mr Jacques Compton,

    Why call it the greatest insult? The greatest insult to Sir John’s Legacy was himself agreeing to be the leader of the same individuals who (if its true that they wil) intend to throw away his vision.
    While they seek to immortalize him, their very actions are contrary to the profess visions which everyone so richly proclaims.
    Sadly the Walcott dream was never and have never been embraced by the late Sir John, (and please people don’t be hypocrites in saying different) so now do you expect it to be by his successor?

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