It seems Lambirds was only the tip of the iceberg!

Several weeks ago Rick Wayne shook the nation to its buffered and hypocritical core when he presented on TV show TALK an interview with a young Indian student who claimed he had been conned and abused by the main operator of the American International Medical University, located since 2006 at Beausejour.

Rick Wayne (center front row) with Lambirds students,left and back row.

Rick Wayne (center front row) with Lambirds students,left and back row.

Most of what the young man revealed was so shocking that it sounded farfetched, if not altogether unbelievable. It was a story that involved not only the school’s CEO and members of its faculty but also officers of the St Lucia police. A CNN interview with a disappointed young female student who returned home to India after a few weeks at AIMU corroborated much of what the first student had claimed.

As shocking is the fact that the name of St. Lucia’s prime minister is listed as an AIMU faculty member! The government has not reacted to the publicized revelation.

The week following the student’s unnerving interview, the school’s main operator—a Dr. Raj from India—also appeared on TALK with Rick Wayne. He sought to deny what had earlier been said about his operations locally and elsewhere but according to most callers and the host himself, Raj didn’t make much sense. Meanwhile, the police had been keeping quietly carrying out their own inquiries. A former employee of AIMU had, with others associated with Lambirds, been charged with human trafficking and money laundering.

Today (Monday) the police raided AIMU. The Lambirds case, meanwhile, has been adjourned for various reasons, at least three times. The police could call as witnesses in this case high-ranking government officials from the commerce ministry and from Invest St. Lucia.

More on this developing story in Saturday’s STAR!

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3 Responses to It seems Lambirds was only the tip of the iceberg!

  1. Marcus says:

    Black man trying to set up a university?
    You must be mad.
    Black men are mentally retarded.

  2. Gee says:

    Why not, it seems the islanders are still stuck in the small island mentality – While they are convicting their own – the foreigners come in an trick them !! Knowing them Lucians this will be another 10 year gossip… lucky for this man he may be off the island and out of the reach of the people who like to call and spread gossip.. all a day in island life nuh

  3. A sucker is born everyday . The Chini Man, Indian and Syrians have been allowed for years to come to the islands and indulge in their bub bubl and get away with it. If it was a Black man trying to set up a university it could be Barack Obama all now the paper works would be pending . Kenny don’t worry yourself ; the author will not mention AIMU had it’s stamp of approval before your comeback. Of course not.

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