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Primary School Calypso Monarch Mighty J comes from royal stock, as nephew of 1999 and 2006  winner, Bachelor.

Primary School Calypso Monarch Mighty J comes from royal stock, as nephew of 1999 and 2006

After getting my first taste of Junior Calypso earlier this month, I like many others was very pleased that the show was resuscitated.

The performances put on by the junior stars were impressive, particularly the students from the primary school category, and the winning performance came from Mighty J.

Michael Jamal Joseph is a grade six student of the Gros Islet Primary School. The 11-year-old champion not only has music in his blood, but aspires to emulate the success of a former calypso monarch in his family.

What was it like participating in this year’s Junior Calypso?

MJ: I enjoyed taking part. It was hard because I had competition from Mighty Sizzler of RC Boys. But he came in second so I’m really proud of that.

Was this your first time competing?

MJ: No. I sang for the first time in 2012 and placed fifth. In 2013 I finished second and this year I won the crown.

How has the experience been for you over the past three years?

MJ: It has become much easier for me. I am much braver now, I can use the stage much better and so I am improving every year and enjoying the experience.

How did you get involved in calypso?

MJ: My uncle Jason Joseph also known as ‘Bachelor’ got me into it. He encouraged me and now I’m following in his footsteps. I’m can’t wait for when I’m older so I can perform in the ‘Big Yard.’

Did you always have a love for calypso?

MJ: Not really. I was into gospel, but because of my uncle’s influence on me and my participation in Junior Calypso the past few years, I want to be a professional calypsonian.

What were your preparations for this year’s competition?

MJ: It was hard because I first had to do a lot of practice, and then the competition was cancelled and I was furious. When the show was brought back I had to start practicing again. My uncle and my music teacher, parents and family were really behind me and supportive.

How did you feel when the show was reinstated?

MJ: I felt so happy because I knew I would win this year. I saw my competition and I expected a challenge only from Mighty Sizzler. I knew that it would be either one of us who would win the crown this year.

What was your attitude like after placing fifth in your first year of participation?

MJ: I was not that interested in calypso at the time, so when I placed fifth I didn’t want to do it again; I wanted to give it up. But my family, especially my uncle, persuaded me to continue.

When I placed second the following year, I felt much better because I took my family’s advice and from then I felt like I could actually win and decided to try again. This year was great because I continued to work and to try and I finally won.

What was the name of your song and what was the idea behind it?

MJ: My song was entitled ‘Doe Fight Me’. The song is about teachers discouraging students who want to pursue a career in music. I have a teacher at my school who doesn’t want me to go to choir, she doesn’t want me to run for sports, she only wants me to focus on my work. So that’s how I got the idea for the song.

What are your favourite subjects?

MJ: My favorite subjects are Mathematics, Language and Expressive Writing.

How was Common Entrance for you and what secondary school would you like to attend?

MJ: Some of it was easy and some was difficult, but I am confident that I will succeed. I want to attend St. Mary’s College.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

MJ: I love athletics, I love to run and I look forward to sports meets. My hobbies are singing, running and playing cricket and football.

What would you like to become when you grow up?

MJ: I’m not sure yet, probably a taxi driver like my father, a song writer or a doctor.

Do you want to continue in junior calypso when you move on to secondary school?

MJ: Yes I do because it is a lot of fun. I like singing so I enjoy doing it.


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