Jail for Dasheen

Facebook blew up this week with persons commenting on what they thought was a stiff penalty handed to a Vieux Fort man who had stolen EC$40 worth of dasheen.

Originally it was stated that the accused was fined EC$5,000. However officials of the Praedial Larceny unit confirmed on Friday that the individual was to be fined EC$500 or face three months in prison.

Titus Albert aka Tye of Contonment, Vieux Fort who was charged by Second District Court in Vieux Fort on Monday for the offence of Praedial Larceny, opted to serve the jail term, claiming that he was unable to pay the $500 fine. As a result he was sent to the Bordelais Correctional Facility where he will spend three months incarcerated.

Albert was arrested for stealing a quantity of dasheen valued at forty dollars belonging to a woman of Vieux Fort.

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2 Responses to Jail for Dasheen

  1. jail him if he steal a rice grain. Lucians just like to wonder onto peoples property and pick this and dig up that without asking the owners too much I know all too well my golden apple and sour sop tress are abused daily; even with my eight foot fence. It’s not free for all people plant there things; I am quite sure he had ask it would have been given.

  2. MHyacinth says:

    Community Service would have been a more productive way in which he could make restitution – $500 fine or a 3 month incarceration! Surely it costs the St.Lucian tax payer MORE than $500 to house him, feed him etc in prison. Where’s the justice in that?

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