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Fancy footwork and pure musical vibes brought St Lucians young and old together on Saturday, September 3 to be part of an event themed ‘Snap Back’ to school. It was all about bringing “dancers, party rockers, jerkers and everyone” together for the ultimate dance off at a car park near Caribbean Cinemas.
The Untitled51 team promised more action and something bigger than events they’ve held in the past and they delivered. They advised dancers to “come hard and put their best foot forward” in an effort to bring their passion to life, and over 20 groups of young people between the ages of 15 and 25 showed up and did just that and then some.
According to event organizer Michael Robinson, the group has held four major dance events thus far, and their most recent event was the most successful in terms of the level of participation and crowd support. The event featured various genres of music, from Dancehall and Hip Hop to Pop and R&B and dancers had the option of bringing their own music.
“It’s a free up vibe,” Robinson told the STAR. “The DJ plays music randomly and whoever wants to dance comes on. It’s a positive vibe and it’s open to anyone who wants to showcase their talent. We don’t support alcohol, smoking or crime. We always remind the youth that all those things can be done on the dance floor—you can make love on the dance floor, smoke, drink—in the form of dance. Get high off the music.
 “The event keeps growing and growing,” Robinson continued. “The support really is overwhelming. We have over 1000 likes on our Facebook page and it keeps growing every day. We’re getting some good feedback from the public, the press; a lot of people want to work with us. But as with anything else, we could still use some more help and assistance from the youth ministries and government.”
Although music plays a vital part, Untitled51 isn’t all about dancing. Group members possess a wide range of talents including videography, photography, art and music, motor cross riding, set design and more. Organizers say their aim is to open an avenue featuring talents exclusive to St Lucia by providing a unique level of production and professionalism.
Executive members include 19-year-old founder Jelani Paul, Daran Rosemond, Michael Robinson, Rosalia Samuel, Gina Maraj, Dyllan Boulogne, Kamara Lee, Chelsea Foster, Leandra Foster, Nyaim James, Tonia Antonio, Keran Rosemond and Inga Auguste.
 “It’s a positive thing we’re trying to do,” Robinson added. “Its different and we want to keep it up. Something for the family, just to build up the youth. We also want to go into the schools and do various projects. We have singing, bicycle riding . . . everything. We’re trying to do a variety of things.”
For the time being their dance events serve as precursor for a grand dance event called ‘Fusion X’ to be held in December. Their monthly events are meant to build up the hype leading to what could be a major knock out dance competition. Untitled 51’s next event may well be held in the south of the island, at a date soon to be announced.
“We’d like to thank BDO for allowing us to use the area,” organizer Daran Rosemond told the STAR. “If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t have a place to hold the event. Vladrozr provided financial assistance.
Technical assistance was provided by Landmark Events. Kurtis Rosemond helped with the lighting. Other sponsors included Maraj and Company, Rusty Ranks Sound System and Island Crew Sounds.”

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