Kayo tours Canada!

Kayo’s following his dreams, juggling school and a rap career.

The last time we spoke with this St Lucian budding rapper he was working on an album with Quake.  Since then Filbert Salton alias ‘Kayo’ has been working around the clock to make his dreams a reality.

Speaking to the STAR, Kayo revealed he and Quake completed a collaborative album entitled The  Search. It’s a conceptual album that emulates the tale of a person trying to find themselves in life. Said Kayo, “It’s an album about life.  Sometimes you don’t really know who you are and you get caught up along the way in the glitz and glamour of life, but eventually you realize that what they were searching for was within you all along.”

The first single off of The Search was released virally a couple weeks ago with a video. The name of the single is Heavy and is a dedication to the mothers of the two rappers.  The album has been available online since March 18 on thesearchison.bandcamp.com.

In addition to the album, on March 24 Kayo began his Canadian-wide tour presented by Much Music with Classified. Classified is one of Canada’s most renowned Hip Hop artists and is releasing his 14th album this month. The tour consists of a total of 20 shows for 30 days.
St Lucians living in Canada seem to have thrown their support behind the 22-year-old artist from Ciceron, Castries.  Kayo said, “Everyone seems to be proud of me and it’s a beautiful feeling. It sort of reminds me that I’m not doing this just for myself, but for everyone who has put their faith in me.”

Kayo is on his final year at St Mary’s University in Canada.  For those who are concerned he may have to choose between living his dream and getting an education, don’t worry, he’s juggling both pretty well.
Assured Kayo, “I knew that we were trying to do the tour and that the tentative dates were during the semester, so I made sure I chose the courses that I could work with best given the circumstances. Only two of my courses have final exams and I’ve already scheduled to sit those when I get back.

“The university has been extremely supportive as well. Shout out to St Mary’s University for that. They know how critical this is to the development of my career and are willing to help me fulfill my goals.”
Before his fourth show on March 29, the STAR caught up with Kayo again to see how things were progressing.  Said Kayo, “Everything has been going good so far.  I usually don’t get nervous performing but I have been for these shows.  It feels like there’s a lot more pressure now than before.  I’m doing completely new songs so my performance has to be captivating.  Additionally, I have all these label people paying attention so every show feels like an audition.”

Even with the tour, Kayo has already planned ahead.  He is having an EP (extended play mini album) produced entirely by Classified.  It’s a prequel to his album, One, which is going to be manufactured through Fontana North, one of the major distribution companies in Canada.
For more information on Kayo’s tour dates, check out his Facebook Fan page.

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