Kenny says church leaders bribed voters!

It’s no cakewalk staying on the same page with Kenny Anthony, a fact that undoubtedly has been costly to his political ambitions, considering the tsunami of public animus now threatening his legacy. As if already his last term had not contributed enough to his abruptly changed circumstances, he appears hell-bent on stoking threatening bonfires. How else to explain his continuing counterproductive official and personal attitude toward the Chastanets, the father and the son? And now he appears to be taking on large sections of the society, maligning identified citizens, even church officials, as election-time distributors of bribe money and worse.

Consider the following FB post under his name: “I do not believe or accept that the loss of the SLP is explained by the massive purchasing of votes. What I do accept is that the purchasing of votes influenced the final outcome in some marginal constituencies, for example, Dennery South, Castries South, Soufriere and Anse la Raye/Canaries.”

Is it just me, folks, or do you also detect the contradiction in the immediately above? On the one hand he seems to be saying he does not believe the SLP’s loss resulted from bribery. Then he says bribes were responsible for the SLP’s poor performance in four constituencies. To me, that adds up to a suggestion that “massive purchasing of votes” had dumped the Kenny Anthony government into six opposition seats—not the people’s will.

He loudly declared from his campaign platform that “Guy Joseph’s voodoo” could not affect him because he was “a blessed child of God.” But now Kenny Anthony is claiming church leaders bribed voters in Election 666!

He loudly declared from his campaign platform that “Guy Joseph’s voodoo” could not affect him because he was “a blessed child of God.” But now Kenny Anthony is claiming church leaders bribed voters in Election 666!

But then when he was still prime minister he had set aside Suzie d’Auvergne’s proposals for constitutional reform on the basis that “this obsession with the power of the prime minister . . . does not reflect the will of the people!” Nothing new there.

More from the cited FB post: “Some even doubt there are laws against influencing electors to vote or not to vote, bribing voters to cast or not to cast their ballots. Well the laws against such acts are found . . . in the Revised Laws of Saint Lucia 2008.” From here he goes on to identify individuals who either were sent “to collect” or distributed money to voters.

“Pleas to police officers on duty went unheeded,” he continued. “I guess we all know why.” Well, I for one don’t know why. But Kenny Anthony is a lawyer; he does not need to fork out thousands of dollars for the services of a legal representative. He has close friends and endorsers who would happily help him put his case before the courts, plus all the evidence he claims to have.

How perplexing then to read: “I believe a start should be made to expose those who corrupted our political process on election day. We must name them and provide the evidence of their corruption acts and behavior. We must not allow this matter to die.”

I could not agree more!

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2 Responses to Kenny says church leaders bribed voters!

  1. pardrejoe says:

    Kenny came at a time when the love of a people was looking for an object of affection. John Compton had squandered his, and the people were crying for change. They simply fell out of Love with “daddy Compton”, life had become hard, and corruption too rampant. Odlum, Josie and the likes had ensured that there was schism in Compton’s love life. So in comes King Kenny, never understanding that when one falls out of love, that there is something call rebound, and the new lover of the wounded has to tread carefully and nurture the wounded back to emotional health, and actually earn the continued love least the old flame claims it back. But Odlum was right when he told the fool that he had done just the opposite and was fast losing his lover. He branded Odlum a traitor for telling the King he was naked and needed to cloth his nakedness. In comes the old lover and took his bride back. Kenny failed to understand still, and so when the old lover died, the once wounded rebounded once again to the only other lover she knew then. But still not understanding the love as still being superficial, the Jackass mounted and rode her like she was his to do as he pleased since there was no challenger in sight as pleasing in his lovers sight. He once more failed to nurture the love to bring it where it was an earned loved rather than a chanced love, yes a love on the rebound, a love where there was not much heart as it was only because there was severe loss. After Compton Labour did not have to do all it did as King was destined to lose no matter what. All labour had to now do was assure the dismayed that she was a more worthy lover than her previous lover, and aspirant heir to the throne. But poor Kenny, he was not such a great or understanding lover, not even in his personal life, ask his former, how could he understand it in political context. So the dam imbecile mistook need for love and affection for a sign of fervent love toward the object attention, and squandered opportunity to make need grow from need of affection to loving unconditionally. So single-handedly he brought labour to the ground as the idiots around him lifted not a finger to stop him and say boss “Let’s try something different”. Hence they all suffered in his demise. I never saw a more stupid politician than Kenny and a bigger jackass as a prime-minister in all my years. Even the so called uneducated King has proven more wise than the educated fool.

  2. pardrejoe says:

    A sick mind no matter how well educated is just simply that, an educated sick mind. The worst thing about a sick mind is its inability to comprehend that despite how great or brilliant it may think it is, it does not become god, and it does not have an automatic right to rule. But even worst is when it fails to understand that the people will not always love you and there comes a time when you must go at the peoples will. That’s the difference between John Compton and Kenny Anthony. Compton was more loved, and even more hated than Kenny was, is and will ever be, except if he continues on this self deluded and disstructive path. But Compton Political weasle and brilliant fox that he was took defeat in stride and bounced back after 79. Then sensing he had become irrelevant to the electorate as who once showered him with love he handed over the batton, only to reemerge and gain victory over an overconfident “Stupid Little Person” (Not my term simply borrowed) in the person of the sick mind Kenny. Now Kenny like his heros “Chavez and the present Venezuelan sicko, and the Syrian sicko who all think they have the right to rule no matter what the majority of their people may think. The only think keeping Kenny and co from stiffling the wishes of the people is the fact that they are very much aware big brother will never again allow a Grenada in these islands. So in the face of defeat unimaginable in his sick mind he needs scape goats, Kenny face it, you squandered the goodwill bestowed on you when your arrogance once again surfaced and was worst then before. The love we the people once had for you you took for granted and became king over us ruling like you were not answerable to us, and as long as your crony “Ass that fans” was in your corner defending you you felt safe. So we fell out of love with you. Your sick mind is the only thing to blame for your fall from grace.

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