Photography: Rick Wayne

Photography: Rick Wayne

I just love, love, love kids . . .

Utter the words “jounen kwéyòl” in a local word-association exercise and chances are what will immediately spring into the Saint Lucian mind is pork, pork, pork. At any rate, some section of a pig’s anatomy.

Let’s face it, we’ve managed to turn this day to remember into the worst nightmare for pigs. Something like the turkey’s attitude to Thanksgiving in America. That’s about abruptly to change, as of now. Henceforth, jounen kwéyòl will have you contemplating, well, madras. Yeah, right.
With a lot of help from our special centerfold the 2Nite brain trust finally decided we could do no better for our threatened innocent porkies than to draw public attention from them, if only for a day or so. We know the porcine
population will be grateful.

Which does not necessarily mean 2Nite addicts fit into the above-mentioned category, even though it’s true that our behaviour can at times leave room for doubt. Especially when in celebration mode.

For the record Sisily is a Castries find, with a family so large she’s met less than half of its members. Her dad is French, so don’t count on bumping into the lady around these parts. You’d do better to join Shazzi in Martinique whenever he stages one of his creative shindigs over there; which is close to all the time, we’re told.

Sisily is a nail technician. No, that is not to say she’s into nailing anything. What she does is inject new life into chewed-up fingernails. She also loves “doing hair.”

Oh, and she’s absolutely crazy about kids, so crazy she can’t explain it. At 22, however, she’d just prefer that the kids she showers with love belong to someone else. No matter, we can easily imagine babies loving her right back!

Did we mention her passion for partying, modeling and dancing? Which brings to mind Kate Upton’s now famous YouTube video. We can just imagine Sisily doing what the bikinied Ms Upton did in front of the camera for the benefit of mankind. Who knows, maybe we can persuade our centerfold to take a shot at it. We know you would be grateful. Besides, Kate’s got nothing on our Sisily!

In the meantime, enjoy your celebration of langue mama nous. Who knows, you might even bump into Sisily doing her own jounen kweyol grind . . . in the flesh. All it will take is amazing luck!

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2 Responses to KWÉYÒL EN VOGUE

  1. mark laporte says:

    my,my simply luscious 😉
    keep up the good work Rick
    hope you put more pics every issue

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