LaCorbiniere says “No” to Ganja

Saint Lucia’s Minister of Justice Phillip LaCorbinere.

Saint Lucia’s Minister of Justice Phillip LaCorbinere.

National Security Minister Philip La Corbiniere has been receiving some backlash this week for comments he made about his Government’s position on decriminalizing marijuana. Both Andre Decaires of the Green Party and Aaron Alexander of the Rastafarian group ICAR have called the Minister’s comments premature saying that there needs to be proper debate and discussion on the matter. LPM leader Therold Prudent also supported “taking the matter before the people and letting them decide.”

This week, Minister La Corbiniere hinted to reporters that the Saint Lucia Government would not support plans to decriminalize marijuana for medicinal and religious activities.

La Corbiniere says he remains unconvinced about decriminalizing marijuana.

“If I were to have the deciding vote, it would be a no,” he says. “Maybe part of that relates to the fact that I grew up on the outskirts of the city where I was able to witness first hand the development of the drug problem. The problem actually started with marijuana, let us not forget that it was the drug of choice on the streets for many years, and probably some ten years ago,” he adds.

The issue of legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes came up earlier this month during the CARICOM leaders inter-sessional summit in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The heads discussed the issue of medicinal marijuana as well as exploring the economic benefits that might be derived from marijuana cultivation.

A communiqué issued following the talks says: “The leaders agreed to the establishment of a Regional Commission to address the issues identified and any others deemed relevant, in order to provide clear guidance with regard to decisions to be taken.”

The Commission is expected to submit a report to the regional leaders at their annual summit in Antigua in July.

Jamaica is already considering the legalization of marijuana, a drug revered by members of the island’s large Rastafarian population who say smoking it is part of their religious sacrament. A seven-member government commission has been researching possible changes to the Caribbean nation’s anti-drug laws. ‘’We have discussed it, and we are preparing a report to present to the prime minister,’’ said Jamaica’s Deputy Prime Minister Kenneth Baugh recently. In 2003, a government commission recommended legalizing marijuana in small amounts for personal use, but lawmakers never acted, saying legalization might entail loss of their country’s U.S. anti-drug certification.

If given a chance LaCorbiniere says he would bring to any discussions both here and at the CARICOM level
the question as to what good use can marijuana be put. “Is there any impelling scientific factor that gives rise to the use of the drug? I would like to see a lot more discussed on that issue,” LaCorbiniere says.

The Justice Minister’s last statement appears to be a clear contradiction to his firm position, since the Minister, who is also a devout Catholic, seems to have his mind made up, despite compelling evidence in support of medicinal marijuana.

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19 Responses to LaCorbiniere says “No” to Ganja

  1. If Colorado can use ganja dollars …..why not stlucia…… is available in every corner …….what’s the point……..if tobacco and white rhum is legal who decides which is better ,I think it should be the people mr arrogant la cobbs who the hell you think you are to impose your will on the masses ….I’ve need a referendum on the rope …..more jail time for gun crime ,rape,incest and bobolink in politics…..we need a referendum now ….those old colonialistic laws need to be amended……….that’s what I vote lacobbs and Kenny to do….no tell me which vice to like….choops

  2. Beedie Baba says:

    The problem is you have idiots making choices as to how you should live your life. I mean look at Kenny, his belly is so massive that I fear we might not have rain for weeks to come, the clouds are being pushed away by that sulphur spring round mountain. I saw Kenny Barnard talking about compensation for the damage caused by the slave trade on St. Lucia, Really? Your ancestors owned plantations and now you want to balme de white man for your failing economy. Laba is brain dead, no new ideas for fixing the economic crisis, just blame everyone but yourself for the current dilemma. Legalize weed mon, stop playing gamed with the people’s intelligence, you are very insulting…

    • Beedie Baba says:

      when you say that weed the cause of all social ills, you are the cause. Why is it that the dumbest people are always interested in telling you what is good for you and how you should life, what arrogance? LaCobs talks as if he knows the future, well that’s the first clue to let you know that de man dow know nofing.

  3. MKaks says:

    the only reason marijuana is not yet fully decriminalized yet in the US is because that greedy uncle Sam can’t figure out a way to get his cut yet. The same thing happened with alcohol when they figured out how to tax guess what boom it was legal, look even today with alcohol being legal for many years they are still running down moonshiners because they pay no tax. Everything in this world has a $ sign to it. In life everyone has a price some are just higher or lower than others.Crap cigarettes are legal and can you believe you who don’t smoke how high your chances are from getting cancer from second hand smoking, just ridiculous,very ridiculous

  4. hulla says:

    come on La Cob

  5. John Joseph says:

    Remember once society took the road down the use of alcohol as a legalised entity they did not, could not, and can’t to this day return from whence they came. The result of this experimental path which is not an experiment any more but an experience of destruction, tragic and painful in every respect, is good reason to halt before taking another wrongful approach. Human sensibility is uncontrollable in the presence of vise. We are not all self controlling individuals when given license, most quickly abuse, and few measure consequence, or are rationally responsible when they can indulge. These facts far out-weight my desire to see marijuanna be decriminalised.

    • MKaks says:

      what do you think is going to happen to marijuana in st.lucia once it is decriminalized through out the U.S?

    • Beedie Baba says:

      @John Joseph, it is obvious that you don’t know how to think for yourself and at the same time you try to think for everybody else. See how stupid you sound, a confused do gooder with too much time on his hands. Let people have freedom to live their life, just make sure that they are well informed and aware of what they are doing, but if a man wants to jump off the Gros Piton, that’s his choice as long as he understands what he is doing. You and La Cobs must drink from the same bottle.

  6. John Joseph says:

    Simply put the advocacy of religious use and medicinal use as a reason for legalization must be measured by sound drug policy that allows for the control of and proper distribution of the drug without the disruption of society. This was not done with alcohol and we are ripping the results today in many societies. Should we legalize the poppy and its by products too?. But it has for centuries being used for medicinal, religious and relaxing in many societies of which we may very well have members who have migrated and may desire to continue the practise the rudiments of their religion and culture. Where does it end and begin. Remember once society took the road down the use of alcohol as a…

  7. John Joseph says:

    Just because people want it doesn’t mean government must give it. In the absence of compelling evidence that Marijuana will not adversely affect the society negatively even if it does have some medicinal qualities the government is right as the government has a responsibility to protect the society they govern. Having said this I am of the view just because it has medicinal benefits doesn’t mean that the government should openly legalize the drug for the use of all and sundry. Then let it be a controlled substance, the use of which is regulated the same as any other drug that is prescribed by a medical practitioner. Simply put the advocacy of religious use and medicinal use as a reason…

  8. Peter Forde says:

    One of the people sent abroad on our behalf, that the GG refered to, is working so hard on his Legal Course that when ever he is asked to do anything as part of his job he replies “bold face” as only a SLP hack can. “Man I have my exams in August”. Does he need to piss in our eyes so openly. Can this government not see they are getting out of touch with what the majority of St. Lucians think. Can they not see this is going to be painful for them at the ballot box. ? For those of you who think that the Govenor General’s remark can be ignored. You will be reminded.

  9. John Peter says:

    I had not noticed that the GG’s condemnation of the Government was taken off. Poor Rick. I will wait for Rick to explain himself before I pass judgement. No Rick I am not a Foolish Virgin who thinks it will be Aright in the Morning. I await your reply in fairness to you and your paper. Simply put, why did the Star take down an article that had so much truth in it.

  10. Pam Popo says:

    Dear Editor, Can you explain why the Govenor General’s address printed in this paper as an online article was removed ? This is very very strange. If somebody demanded that you removed the address and you did. Well this is a strange way of bringing Truth to Light.

    History will in a time not too far from now. Cite your actions as the first blow dealt against the True Freedom of the Press. I can no longer take this paper seriously. Let me go and read a comic book. Now I know how poor Tim felt when this paper were standing by him. Sad Sad Sad.

  11. Jasmaine Perry says:

    La Corbiniere proves once again you can have book sense but not common sense. What planet is that man living on. (Ah I get it the land of 237sq miles where if Ah say so, so it goes) Does this man not read, or keep up to world affairs. Israel with so many right of centre policies support and promote the use of the plant for medical reason. There are hospital where it is grown in Israel, for medical use. In Holland its legal to smoke in coffee shops. Are Dutch youths the most disruptive and back wards in Europe. I am really disappointed in a Government Minister who stands by his personal views against what the rest of the country might think. Is this the idiot that Kenny wanted to promote,…

  12. MKaks says:

    This guy is a fool for him to make the statements he made on tv last week.He sounded like he has been in a cave for the last 5yrs, How can you say there is not enough evidence supporting medicinal marijuana when the very country (U.S.A) which pulls st.lucia’s strings has legalized it within their borders. Talk about hypocrisy and being pig headed. Then the federal U.S government is going to issue grants to states to cultivate hemp to relief economic situations in the states. Now tell me this duppy if the U.S is doing it why can’t we at least have the dialogue on it. After all we all can agree the better days eh reach yet.

    • John Joseph says:

      Justn because the US does something doesn’t make it right. At this time the world is satuated with many societal ills brought about by countries which follwoed suit many things promoted and practised by the US. The US with its many acheivements should not be the standard bearer for the rest of the world simply because they have achieved. They have just as many failures as successes. Just look at the savagery and butchery that takes place there constantly with the massacre of children. Should we follow that trend too?

      • Beedie Baba says:

        @John Joseph, why do you expose your stupidity? Who do you think made marijuana illegal in the first place? America!!! So you are doing exactly what you are preaching against. Brother man read and learn before you talk.

  13. Beedie Baba says:

    This guy is as backward as they come, a brain washed slave. Rum is more dangerous than kaya but La Cobs is stuck in the Nixon era when the war on drugs was manufactured. Time to ditch these old dinosaurs, those relics are out of touch with the 21st century.

    • New Age says:

      This was to be said more than just one time so here is the echo
      “This guy is as backward as they come, a brain washed slave. Rum is more dangerous than kaya but La Cobs is stuck in the Nixon era when the war on drugs was manufactured. Time to ditch these old dinosaurs, those relics are out of touch with the 21st century.”

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