Life Goes On Regardless Of Beliefs

It is always an intellectually stimulating exercise for me to read about different world views and beliefs about the universe and our existence. I find it fascinating the way each theory seems so well thought out and holds equal truth and meaning to its various adherents.

For example, are you familiar with the theory of the holographic universe? It is a theory which was first proposed decades ago and is still currently receiving serious consideration.

The suggestion is that the entire universe is really an illusion and that what we perceive as solid objects all around us is actually empty space which appears to have mass because of its condensed energy. Farfetched you think? What about the idea of parallel universes—something usually seen only in science fiction movies?

The belief that our universe is just one of many universes with similar properties to ours, and that each of us has a look-alike in some other universe is taken very seriously by certain sane individuals. There is also the belief that both living and non-living things have souls. Not only does a rock or a plant have a soul, but they also have their own desires and intentions. Human beings are merely a part of nature and not superior in any way, which gives our pet animals as much right in the afterlife as we have. They call that one animism—one of the earliest explanations of life—a belief which is still upheld today.

Then there is the idea that the universe contains some kind of potent force that is neither good nor evil, and that throughout history, there have always been a select few who knew the secret to accessing that power. Some choose to use it to do good deeds, while others use it for their evil purposes. It is such power that enables people in one country to jump a basin of water and “arrive” in a different part of the world (at least so the story goes).

The suggestion is that there is more to earth, wind, fire, and water than we know and that at special times and through special rituals it is possible to harness such power. All of those world views and theories are not just fly-by-night ideas which mischievous people came up with.

There are people with PhD’s who defend them, scientists who can produce diagrams, models, and equations to explain them, and religious and spiritual people from various societies who have lived and died believing whole heartedly in them. Of course, it is your prerogative to think that your beliefs are somehow more truthful or more brilliant than the thousands of other theories out there, which other learned or God-inspired men adhere to. But your views, no matter how creative or original you perceive them to be, are still merely ideas which reside in your head. There is no limit to the imagination of man.

The question is: Can you substantiate your beliefs? The next question is: How significant are your beliefs in the scheme of things? Do regular people wake up from their bed on mornings thinking about the universe and its holographic nature? When you’re working hard trying to make ends meet, do you occasionally think about your look-alike from that other universe and wonder what he or she might be doing? When you’re about to fornicate, do you ever think that since God is everywhere he is most likely on the bed next to the two of you? The reality is, regardless of the ideas in our heads, life proceeds as per usual.

We still fall sick and we die. We all have good times and bad, we succeed and fail, and we have no control over much of what happens to us. Our beliefs only become relevant if they are helping us to cope better with life—when they positively influence our behavior. In other words, if your beliefs are not making you a better individual, if they do not contribute to an improvement in the quality of your life, if they do not make you happier, and cause you to show more love, kindness, and respect to others, then no matter how brilliant your beliefs and theories, they are totally useless.

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