Live Healthy in 2016

The New Year represents new beginnings – a time where people make amends with their pasts, reconnect with family and friends and plan how to move forward. This year, at Fresh Vitamins, we have compiled a list to help you fulfill your goals to better and healthier living. You’ll want to pay attention to the next series of articles as we explore products and ideas to help you pace yourself better for success.

Healthy Eating

Diet plays a very serious role in your lifestyle, whatever your health goals may be. Incorporating healthier eating habits is one way to improve our overall health. It allows us to manage our weight better, improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels, increase our energy, protect us from infection, ensure bone strength and so much more. Additionally, encouraging our children to eat healthy will build the foundation for healthy growth development and learning.


Today, making unhealthy eating choices is easy since many of us have become addicted to refined sugars and fatty, processed foods. They just taste so good and giving that up is challenging. Pay attention to the products below that will help you. Gymnema – called the destroyer of sugar, this amazing herb balances blood sugar levels and dulls the senses in your taste buds for sugar things, making it extremely effective in getting rid of those sugar cravings.

Chromium Picolinate – helps to regulate appetite, aids blood sugar and metabolism and is great for helping to reduce cravings.

Apple Cider Vinegar – suppresses appetite, increases metabolism and reduces water retention.

Chitosan – absorbs fat as you eat it; preventing the body from absorbing it.

In addition to the above, get a bottle of Thompson’s Multi-Vita-Min from any of the Fresh Vitamins stores across the island. Multivitamins help to supplement deficiency and are a great start to healthy living. You can also get great advice and other quality products at the best prices at Fresh Vitamins!


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