Local artist to make St Lucia’s Royal wedding gift

Local sculptor Jallim Eudovic has been tightlipped on exactly what the gift is.

If you don’t have Prince, Princess, Duke, Dutchess, Earl, Countess, Viscount, Viscountess, Master, Lord, Lady or any such title before your name, the chances of getting invited to Buck House are slim to none. And no, your invitation didn’t get lost in the mail!
The list of dignitaries from the Caribbean region who found a gold-embossed invitation on their doormat over the weekend includes governor-generals, prime ministers or premiers from islands like Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Montserrat, Jamaica, St Kitts and Nevis, Cayman Islands, St Lucia, British Virgin Islands and St Vincent and the Grenadines.
Celebrities who were invited include musician Sir Elton John, footballer David Beckham and his pop star wife Victoria (Spice Girls), filmmaker Guy Ritchie and singer Joss Stone.
William and Kate’s wedding will take place at Westminster Abbey in London on April 29. Prince Harry is said to be best man while Catherine’s sister Philippa Middleton is maid of honour. Other family members make up the five star wedding     ‘cast’.
Royal invites were sent to 1900 guests, including St Lucia’s very own prime minister Stephenson King and his wife Rosalia King as well as Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy.
Whether or not you’re the least bit interested in Prince William and Kate, their upcoming nuptials have pretty much taken over the news. Almost every television and radio station is hooked on William and Kate frenzy, airing documentaries on their past, how they met and their not so private break up that quite obviously turned into a make up. It really seems there’s no getting away from the William and Kate euphoria!
And why would you want to anyway? All’s fair in the game of love… or not so according to some STAR online bloggers who feel the prime minister’s attendance will be a grand waste of money, especially when considering the gift the PM and his wife will undoubtedly take along with them.
“What a waste of money and time,” wrote Botox. “This farce is to let all people of the world believe that the UK still rules the world in it’s fairytale make believe nonsense. What stupidity. I won’t waste a second of my life to even acknowledge this silliness. It seems that all reality on earth is based on illusion, hype and grandiosity, love has gone the way of the dinosaur.”
Another blogger wrote: “People everywhere are fighting for equality and their rightful place in society and there you have a system (social class) whereby you need a to drink soup (reversed water) like you are drinking poison, hold a fork like you have arthritis, eat the food on your plate like you are on a starvation diet, bow like you have back problems. Isn’t it high time these people learn to appreciate diversity and treat others like equals? Thank goodness, I am one of those that do not kiss…”
Others were in support of the three St Lucian dignitaries attending the wedding.
“At these functions people rub shoulders and even there connections are made and deals are cemented, or brokered for cementing later,” yet another blogger wrote. “It is not such a waste of money when one comes to think of it. It can pay off if the right approach is made.”
Some wondered why the St Lucian prime minister was invited in the first place, considering US president Barack Obama’s name clearly wasn’t on the list that has already been posted online.
Radio shows buzzed this week with questions and concerns, some people expressing that the prime minister should have declined the invitation due to financial constraints. But what exactly would King have had to say to get out of attending the wedding? Something along the lines of: “I’m going to send an ambassador on my behalf because it will be a waste of taxpayers money, or my own money for that matter if I attend. Sincere apologies?” In any event, the prime minister and his wife are long gone. The pair left the island on April 25th for Buck Palace.
A press statement dated April 26th revealed King and his wife along with governor-general Dame Pearlette Louisy will also attend a dinner reception hosted by secretary of state for foreign and commonwealth affairs William Hague, during the evening of April 28th, at Lancaster House prior to the wedding.
“Prime Minister King will get the opportunity to meet and interact with many dignitaries, heads of state and political leaders of many nations from around the world. The invitation of Prime Minister Stephenson King and his wife along with governor-general Dame Pearlette Louisy provides confirmation of the respect and high esteem to which Saint Lucia is held internationally,” the release from the government’s press secretary read.
Bloggers were anxious to see what Rosalia King would wear to the occasion, some expressing she needed to “take it light with make up” and perhaps lose the “golden fried hair do.”
‘Busbee’ dramatically expressed: “Oh my! If she is going dressed, made-up and be-hatted like that, they better pretend to be from Ghana and not mention St Lucia’s name!”
King’s physique was brought into the mix with bloggers wanting to know how much notice the PM has been given for the occasion?
“The PM could have lost 50 or 60 pounds in advance,” an online reader commented. “It’s unfair if he just had one week’s notice. The prime minister should have profited from the opportunity to invite talented local designers to whip up something special for them then he could have done us proud and even gone over there looking fit. This isn’t a good look.”
In any event, we look forward to seeing our dear old governor general at the grand occasion. We all know she is every bit of a lady and wonder whether she’ll wear one of her signature wide brimmed hats! One thing’s
for certain, the GG’s gift may just outshine quite a few of the gifts that will be showered upon the couple.  Word on the grape vine is that talented St Lucian sculptor Jallim Eudovic was involved in the making of the GG’s wedding gift to the couple. Stay tuned to the STAR for a post wedding exclusive with the artist next week!

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