Local beer gets new look!

At the unveiling of the new look of Piton guests had a chance to get Piton right off the assembly line. St Lucia Manufacturers Association VP Urban Wilson grabs one as Piton brand manager Germaine Serieux (far right) looks on.

Piton Beer, the award winning Saint Lucian brew now has a brand new and exciting look. The repackaged Piton Beer was unveiled on Wednesday April 13, 2011, during a ceremony at the WLBL plant in Vieux Fort.
The unveiling of the new look Piton was attended by the company’s top management, Executive Director of the Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce Brian Louisy, VP of the Manufacturers Association Urban Wilson and members of the local press. The group first visited the Piton assembly line to witness the labeling of the first batch of the new Piton Beer and the removal of the first bottle off the production line by Wilson.
Later during a brief ceremony WLBL’s GM Jonathan Hall took his guests on a brief journey into Piton’s history, stating that it was on October 7, 1992, a new and truly Saint Lucian brew, the island’s first beer was born to stave off the invasion of a regional beer not bottled by WLBL and to give the island something of its own.
“It was only natural for WLBL that the name chosen would be the symbols which have come to represent our nation’s pride, history and natural heritage, the Pitons,” Hall said.
The general manager went on to say that with the tagline Piton Beer, Mystic Mountain Brew, the product captured the essence of the island’s beauty and the invigorating and unique cultural heritage.             “Conceived as a fun filled brew, Piton Beer is a pilsner lager made with specially selected hops, malt, yeast and maize to give an eastery floral and hoppy aroma,” WLBL’s GM said. “As refreshing as the cool waters that flowed from the mountains of the scenic Soufriere, as exciting as the natural flora and fauna of the island beauty and as unique as the flower plucked from between the Pitons by Christopher Reeves in Superman 2, Piton Beer embodied all of this and more,” he added.
Hall went on to say that the company was also proud of Piton’s achievements, namely a Silver medal in Brussels in 1993 and Gold in France in 1994 at the Monde Selection product awards. “But nothing has been more rewarding to us than the way Saint Lucians from all walks of life has embraced this product,” he added as the new look Piton Beer was unveiled.
The new bold logo is framed by two outer bands of gold, signifying the strength, success, warmth and spirit of excellence that is Piton Beer. The inner blue outline depicts the tropical Caribbean and Saint Lucian warmth, whilst a tint of yellow signifies the liveliness and glow from the true ingredients used to produce this world acclaim product. Sitting proudly atop the emblazoned words Piton are of course Saint Lucia’s very own symbol of excellence and pride The Pitons themselves.
Speaking Wednesday, Urban Wilson, 1st VP of the Manufacturers Association extended his association’s congratulations and support to WLBL and its new initiative. “I would like to congratulate Windward and Leeward Brewery on this new exercise of giving our favourite Saint Lucian brew a new look. The Piton Beer and the Brewery depicts significantly what Saint Lucia is all about and the recent elevation of the Pitons as a World Heritage site has raised the bar in any product bearing the mark of the Pitons and this Piton beer has proven to be a world class product,” Wilson expressed. Executive Director of the Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce Brian Louisy said Wednesday “in our society where businesses sometimes become complacent, WLBL is not sitting idly by, but is always trying to reach new heights, always trying to be ahead of the curve.” “And so WLBL has set the pace, has set the trend and I want to congratulate you and wish you all the best,” Louisy added.
The conception of Piton beer was spearheaded by WLBL’s Marketing Manager Shelley Black who proudly thanked their many supporters along the beer’s nineteen year journey. “We are quite pleased to see where this beer has come from and where it is now and today marks another chapter in its history,” Black said beaming with pride.  Wednesday he said marked a new beginning for Piton Beer,  a proud beer with the same great taste, still to be enjoyed responsibly.
Following Wednesday’s launch the new look Piton is now on the shelves, chillers and refrigerators of all outlets. Additionally across the island a number of bars and bus shelters are being rebranded with the new look.
According to Piton Brand Manager Germaine Serieux: “The launch of the new look Piton Beer is a celebration of the success of the product, and a reaffirmation of our commitment towards the arts, culture, sports, festivals and entertainment in Saint Lucia by forging partnerships with all the relevant stakeholders.”
Piton, he says will once again be an integral part of Saint Lucia’s carnival this year, not only as a sponsor but as part of RCI’s Piton Party in the Yard and the brand’s very own Piton Soca Starz.

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