LPM leader not surprised by Jeannine resignation

Therold Prudent said the LPM would love to have Jeannine Compton as a member.

In the May 2, 2009 STAR, in an article entitled “Would Labour accept Jeannine?” this reporter compared Jeannine Compton’s relationship with the Government and the Opposition.  It appeared the young Compton was more welcomed on the opposite side of the House than within her own party.
During the 2009/2010 Budget Debate, the apparent tension between the Micoud North MP and her party colleagues would become apparent.  Her presentation did not sit well with her party colleagues, so much so that when it came time for someone, usually a fellow party member, to present a motion for her to be given an extension of time to be allowed to finish her points, silence reigned supreme.  Several seconds of silence passed then fervent whispers could be heard over the microphones.  The shocker came when MP for Soufriere Harold Dalson, an opposition member, put forward Compton’s motion.
Additionally, when the STAR sought a comment from the Labour Party on the day’s events, they made it no secret they were impressed with Compton.  Speaking on whether the Labour Party would accept her should she decide to cross the floor, the consensus was “We would accept her with open arms. She has some brains on her!”
The Labour Party could not be reached for comment on Jeannine Compton’s resignation from the UWP that made news on Monday.
As for the Lucian People’s Movement, party leader Therold Prudent spoke to the STAR from New York on Tuesday saying, “I would love to have Jeannine Compton in the LPM.  It is a natural home for her because of the love and admiration I have for her father extends to Lady Janice and their entire family.  We would welcome her with open arms.”
Prudent said Compton’s resignation from the party does not come as a shock to him.   He asserted: “Those who know me know of my long association with Sir John Compton and the United Workers Party.  My mother helped form the party in 1964 along with Sir John and others.  Many people don’t know there were a lot of things brewing before the 2006 general elections.  I knew because I was close to Sir John.  He confided in me. He was not happy with the team of persons he had going into the election.  He believed they were not the right people.  He had inherited these guys from Vaughan Lewis and a lot of them were already endorsed candidates.”
As Prudent put it, “Sir John believed good would prevail.  He thought he would have an opportunity to mould these men into leaders the country could be proud of.  Further, Sir John confided to me his ill treatment and disrespect by members of the UWP, especially during Cabinet meetings.  This, I believe, contributed to the great stress Sir John faced which contributed to his demise.”
Analyzing the UWP’s actions, Prudent posited it was important for the UWP to embrace Mrs Compton because “they wanted to use Sir John’s name and legacy to retain power.  For a young woman with talent and qualifications, it was clear they wanted to keep Jeannine at arm’s length because unelected members of the party were holding prominent positions while Jeannine was ignored.  I’m talking about Tessa Mangal, Gaspard Charlemagne, Rudolph Francis and others who were appointed to their positions.”
Speaking from his experiences in the UWP, Prudent revealed, “For me, I really knew the animosity towards Sir John when he took in sick and was at a hospital here in New York.  I knew where Sir John was but his party didn’t.  Ministers called me trying to find his whereabouts and the language used was deplorable.  I believe a lot of the speculation during Sir John’s sickness stemmed from members within the UWP.”
He concluded: “I believe from the beginning Jeannine was bound to fail.  She was not a part of the party. It appeared she was just being tolerated.  She was shunned and it is no surprise she reached the end of her rope.
“I cannot predict what she will or should do.  She is a good person and a good woman.  She has an important role to play in St Lucian politics.
She has the ability to participate in a gentler politics offering to help those who need to, to help further this country as opposed to working in clubs, political parties, to further personal agendas.”

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