Maraj sprints to victory

Cyclists competed in a 60 km road race over the weekend.

Cyclists competed in a 60 km road race over the weekend.

In a sprint finish Kurt Maraj emerged victorious in Sunday’s 60 km cycle race sponsored by Lordes and Associates.

Cyclists stayed together until they reached the Barre de Lisle where Jordan Richard and Kurt Maraj pulled away and stayed together until the finish. Fourteen year-old Andrew Norbert (Mon Repos) was the third cyclist to climb the Barre de Lisle before being passed on the decent to Tamazo by Kirk Maraj Kurt’s twin brother.

Apparently young Norbert was being extra cautious remembering a crash he had two weeks ago while training. The young sensation was joined by Sammy Ruddy Joseph a former cyclist of the year showing a glimpse of his old self and Fidel Esnard as the reeled back in Kirk Maraj by the Fond D’or area.

Meanwhile Richard and Kurt pressed ahead with about a two minute advantage while sharing the work load.

On the return to Castries the Barre de Lisle proved decisive and Kurt and Richard increased their lead. In the second group young Norbert and Kirk pulled away from Esnard and Joseph, while Winston “Stoney” Williams clawed his way back after being left behind on the Barre de Lisle on his way to Dennery going past both Esnard and Joseph. Meanwhile young Norbert again was very cautious. On the other hand Kirk used all his experience and rode away from the inexperience Norbert on the descent and powered his way to finish third, just over three minutes behind the leaders.

Richard who is rounding into form gave Kurt some serious competition. However he could not overcome the 2013 National Champion in the sprint. Results: (1) Kurt Maraj 1hr 57mins 15 seconds; (2) Jordan Richard, same time; (3) Kirk Maraj (2hrs 00mins 44 seconds); (4) Andrew Norbert (2hrs 3mins 40 seconds); (5) Winston Williams (2hrs 3mins 41secs); (6) Fidel Esnard (2hrs 6mins 33 seconds); (7) Sammy Joseph (2hrs 10mins 00secs); (8) Kenneth Mathurin (2hrs 21mins 00secs); (9) Chandoy Moses, same time.

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