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SPY-EYEAmong the things I love about this country is the quality entertainment dished out unwittingly by its politicians, the general public—and now the media. I was especially tickled by the tail end of a news clip featuring our peripatetic PM being chased by a guy wielding a microphone. At first uninterested glance I assumed it was some crazed autograph hunter chasing a favourite music icon—until I saw the full clip on the 10 o’clock news. Then it hit me, and all I could do is hold ma belly and roar till the tears rolled down my face. I am embarrassed for you . . . I am ashamed for you as a journalist . . . I can hardly imagine how the suddenly dumbfounded guy with a mic must’ve felt. A hilarious cameo for national TV.

Yeahyeahyeah (with apologies to the Beatles) I can just hear some of my colleagues who may be reading this: How insensitive! How disloyal! Well, honestly m’dear, I don’t give a damn! So get real. With so many inherent societal plagues, our debt-dead economy, the plethora of unresolved criminal and potentially unlawful activities like IMPACS and Grynberg, you asking the man about a recalled e-mailed press release? And you imagine yourself a hot-shot journalist? I mean, come on guys; it’s not like our PM is always on-island and daily accessible to the media. For crissakes, the man lives in the clouds where even the birds can’t fly. So grill the man about something of national interest when you get the opportunity nuh!

Will Tyrion get angry and make his mark on sweet ‘ole Helen?

Will Tyrion get angry and make his mark on sweet ‘ole Helen?

To make matters worse, all these “journalists” (because once you collect a pay cheque from a media house you are a journalist or media worker) have their gwen all twisted in knots while shedding crocodile tears for their colleague, even though they know he got it all wrong. Now, although I fancy myself social-media savvy, I am yet to see the young man in question carrying on about his embarrassing televised three minutes of fame. Usually when our disseminators of information get their sensitive egos bruised they tend to seek relief from uninformed online sympathisers. Wonderful to report, he has so far resisted any temptation to do so. Not a word, not a word, not a word. Which is why I don’t understand why I am hearing (and usually my birdy’s very reliable) that members of one media fan club are all hot and bothered that the PM called a reporter what his detractors have called him a million and ten times. Besides, is only now the fan club realises their leader has been sitting on his presidential duff doing nothing for far too long? I don’t know these people but are they saying they were too distracted to notice what was not going on at home? But fret not. The group’s Tyrion Lannister is there to save the day! With his normal high-energy soap-box rendition it should be no problem shoving the do-nothing president off his perch. (Or have I been watching too many episodes?) Well, adios until next time . . .

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