More gun violence results in at least three deaths

One man, a foreign national staying on a boat docked in Vieux Fort has reportedly been shot and killed police say. According to police PRO Anel Innocent, on Friday evening at about 11.10pm three men reportedly boarded the vessel in Vieux Fort where Roger Pratt was staying with his wife. In the process Pratt and his wife were both shot. The 62 year old male died. His wife was later treated at the Vieux Fort hospital and discharged. Police say they are still investigating whether this was a botched robbery.
Meanwhile, information is still sketchy about another shooting incident Friday night in Marchand. Two men the Star has learnt, were shot and killed, one allegedly by the police. We are investigating both incidents and will bring out readers the full story with the details soon.

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3 Responses to More gun violence results in at least three deaths

  1. Woodsman says:

    … continued from above …

    useless space-wasters who have no respect or regard for law and order. Too many excuses are made for these criminal scumbags.

  2. Woodsman says:

    Beedie Baba, I agree that the VAT rate should be lowered and preferably, this unjustifiable tax should be abolished altogether. However, the rest of your post is off the mark. Research the murder rate in the years leading to VAT. Last year the number number was lowest its been for a while. So how do you explain this? Moreover, when has poverty been an excuse for the heinous crimes being committed here? A poor and hungry person is more likely to pilfer some food items off a supermarket shelf or raid a farmer’s plot.
    These cutlass and gun totting idiots here are hardly concerned about the VAT rate or satisfying their hunger for food. They are just a bunch of work-shy, violent,…

  3. beedie baba says:

    People have become insanely desperate since the arrival of VAT and to make matters worse Obama’s banking reforms has just about killed the economies of the Eastern Caribbean islands. You all hailed this idiot as the next best thing to Jesus Christ and now you are paying for your saintly fantasies. Everyone wants to become rich and they want it today, now the only way to achieve this is by committing an immoral act. Stealing and the drug business do not require a university education and in those careers there is always violence and murder. You can lower crime by legalizing marijuana, as for the robbery aspect, lower the VAT to 8% and start helping in lowering the cost of living,…

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