More serial rapists in our midst!

The hand held alarm has been sounded. Someone has chartered into forbidden territory. But it is the guardian of the gate. The bell is rung so softly, that no one really realizes the depths at which he has grasped. An alarm is ringing in District Four. Who is guarding the gates? Who is to hold the guardian of this secondary school accountable for his actions? Or is it that some are immune from any kind of questioning?

Of course, some will refute . . . or try to refute the truth. This, after all, is Saint Lucia where some are more equal than others. Poor police officers. The wool has been pulled so often over their eyes they are now beginning to look like sacrificial lambs. Trust me, our education system is plagued by predators. This is our reality.

Have we normalized the abnormal in Saint Lucia? Some insist we’ve arrived at the point of no return, with our young citizens being the easiest prey!

Have we normalized the abnormal in Saint Lucia? Some insist we’ve arrived at the point of no return, with our young citizens being the easiest prey!

A principal who uses his school as his personal little whorehouse has been caught with his pants in the wrong place. He is supposedly under investigation. But by whom? Who will bell this cat? His harem includes students and teachers. So much nonsense about “unethical behavior not sexual misbehavior.” We are such condoning hypocrites.

Anyone else in his situation would be in some place with feces on the walls; hung out to dry. Not so long ago a male teacher from District 2 was caught in the act with a student in a parking lot of a building. This teacher had been transferred from all-girls school where he had impregnated a student. Guess why they called him the candy man!

This background of this latest immune principal is no different. When he was still a young teacher he was charged with giving lessons to a young, beautiful and very vulnerable primary level student. She ended up pregnant at fifteen. He actually started living with her. Incredible, you say? Fact is truly stranger than fiction. My story is documented—unless there’s been a fire at VH the record should be there.

Instead of some heavy reprimand the impregnator of an under-aged student was promoted and transferred to another school especially famous for its vulnerable young girls. But instead of a heavy reprimand, he got another promotion. It is said there was rejoicing when he was transferred from the primary school. But one woman’s meat can be another’s poison, as we have seen. It seems the powers that be are performing juggling acts. We are in “a nation turned upside down, passed from one clown to another.”

Why are people not outraged? This culprit presents himself as a paragon of virtue, to the extent that he makes fun of other people’s secrets, all to jump-up music. I plead with the media, Teaching Service Commission (I’m told they are yet to receive the latest case), judicial workers; please do your research! Students, teachers, the DEO and the public have raised their voices. But who’s listening? Not the CEO, who is his friend and who decides when enough is enough!

Don’t expect people to come forward. Don’t ask them to demonstrate or mount marches and rallies. Our nation begs the afflicted not to break their silence on matters of sexual abuse. But who protects the victims? I can hear certain voices: “These young girls hot.” The information is there. The news is on the ground. With a little effort you will get eye witness accounts, pictures, the names of hotels and guest houses, receipts, bar tabs and more. “The gates have been breached!”

By: Joan of Arc



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