We spotted the following on the Facebook page of the prime minister as we were about to go to press yesterday.

“Something unique and eventful occurred today. I thought I should share it with you.
Earlier today, a team of parliamentarians, made up of both government and opposition visited the John Compton Dam to see firsthand the conditions of the dam following the devastation unleashed by hurricane Tomas and the Christmas Eve trough of December 2013.
“In many ways it was a pleasant and memorable trip. If my memory is right, this is probably the first time that a joint parliamentary team has taken a visit of this type. Here is evidence that despite differences we can work together in the public interest. Clearly, there are issues that transcend narrow partisan interests. It is an important step. I hope it happens again. We need to reduce the cynicism that is so rampant in our political culture. For such initiatives to continue, Government must demonstrate good faith and continue to reach out and treat the Parliamentary opposition with respect. In turn the Parliamentary opposition must not feel that it compromises its soul if it finds common ground with the Government.
“It is understood that our democracy thrives on competition. We have to be different because our voters need real choices, real differences. But this cannot and must not mean that we cannot select those issues that transcend our partisan agenda, tempting as it may be to be uncompromising in our partisan postures. The truth is, I enjoyed the day thoroughly even in the face of the reality that confronted us on this tour.
“Food for thought: Perhaps there are other places that could benefit from another joint visit.”

Rick Wayne comments in Saturday’s STAR. Don’t you miss it!

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7 Responses to NICE!

  1. Fer De Lance says:

    PHD or Phat Head Disorder, this is a common sickness in the Caribbean, it leaves the victim feeling so self important that every second is spent talking to a mirror. In St. Lucia if you do not have a PHD then you have no right to do any sort of thinking, you must remain a silent zombie just waiting to be instructed by the Godly politicians.

  2. galanjoseph says:

    Hey lets never ever forget thet Kenny is a Phd and has his political Phd advisors. Yes Folks this is the same Kenny who was criticizing Chastanet just last week on whether he had a change of heart for cruise tourism? I am sure that the phd barin actually thought of what he was goin to say after the trip way in advance of having the trip. Then again may St. Lucians have degrees and are still functionally unable to use their brain independently farless for he majority who haven’t completed sixth standard exams

  3. NICE says:

    Politicians again. I never saw such a status while he was in opposition. So now you’re in power you’re advocating a “bi-partisan” approach. The same Kenny who advised his colleagues to WALK OUT of parliament. Nevertheless I still welcome the perceived “maturity” and “progress” Would love to see more of same!!

  4. Peter Forde says:

    Nice one Kenny Nice one son, nice one Cyril lets have another one…….make sure its only Parliamentarians that are invited. Poor jab Chas.

  5. Fer De Lance says:

    Politics is simply public exploitation, in this case no politician wants to remain without the ability to flush their toilet and so a joint venture was in order, but other than that it’s all about a war of power, who controls what, who benefits from their post, it is how politics runs in the entire world, just that nobody likes to smell poop because it tends to spoil the mood, and a flush toilet needs plenty of water to stay fresh.

  6. Amatus Edwards says:

    Toni Nicholas, you are part of the fraternity of the media. Many people look to you folks for knowledge and sometimes you present yourselves too often as gullible beings. I invite you to acquaint yourself a tad more with the concept of bi-partisanship to better educate us. Of course, it is a NICE sight to see competing MPs walking and talking together. We would like that for our entire country. However, I must note the subtle attempt to lump the opposition MPs in a superficial body that somehow should find solutions to the country’s problems; MUST be called out. Bi-partisanship finds expression largely in the country’s legislative framework. When a sitting government calls to the…

    • NICE says:

      Why would you call Toni gullible? The status was copied in its entirety from the Prime Minister’s Facebook page. That criticism is perhaps premature as the copied message was followed by “Rick Wayne comments in Saturday’s STAR. Don’t you miss it!” The only indication as to where Toni may be leaning may have been the “NICE!” byline, which itself could have been a sarcastic reference to the National Initiative to Create Employment . A wait and See Approach should have been adopted before criticizing.

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