No more “Mash Up!”

Police and soca stars call for calm this carnival.

The results of the power soca monarch preliminaries were released early Friday morning following a controversy Wednesday night during the preliminaries with regards to three of the performers. The three in question, Sir Lancealot, Superman HD and Ricky T, all performed songs which invoked strong responses from the audience who sought to tear down the banners of sponsors and other paraphernalia outside the Cultural Centre where the event was held.
However at a press conference Friday morning,  chairman of the carnival committee John Joseph said there was never any talk of banning the artistes, but some issues needed to be clarified as to the performances. Also present at the press conference was Inspector Desir and the three artistes.

From left: Sir Lancealot, Ricky-T and Superman HD show a united front as they called on fans not to be destructive despite the lyrics in their songs.

The police inspector called on the artistes to perform responsibly and also cautioned the audience at various Soca shows to conduct themselves in a manner whereby they would not endanger themselves, the lives of others or private property.
Superman HD, in addressing the matter said he did not expect to be taken literally when he is performing the lyrics to his songs and never expects anyone to destroy anything.
“What we want is persons to mash down de road on carnival, mash up your waist if you want to, but let’s all have an enjoyable carnival,” he stated.
For Sir Lancealot whose song “Soca Riot” is causing quite a stir, the water and powder he uses in his song he acknowledges can cause discomfort to some persons. “This is why before each performance I issue a disclaimer for persons who may not want to get dirty or wet. However none of us seek to premeditate and go out there and ask persons to destroy anything,” the radio announcer turned Soca artiste stated.
Ricky T for his part called on all the fans to come out next Saturday for the Soca monarch finals.
“I just want everyone to come out, come support me, Sir Lancealot, Pringles and if you want to mash up anything, bring your own cardboard,” the former soca monarch said.
Nineteen performers will be going up against reigning power Soca monarch HP at next Saturday’s finals which takes place at the Beausejour grounds from 8pm. They are Ricky T, Ambi, Damaze, Alpha, Orion, Pepper, GI Joe,T J, Superman HD, Sir Lancealot, Ilahman, Sedale, Platinum George,  Crocadile, Private 6, Mysterio, Mongstar and Zionomi.

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