At first we thought we would get a really sweet exotic face to grace the cover of our Christmas edition of the STAR newspaper this year, blow her up really nice, well not her, um, the picture I mean and just offer our readers some eye-candy greetings from our Christmas babe. But after doing the photo shoot with this twenty-year-old beauty, we knew there was more behind those alluring eyes. And even during the shoot, the way she transformed from sweet innocence to just a hint of naughty, made us all the more curious.

And so “Quien es esa nina?,” “who’s that girl?” I know you are asking. Well we have already given her age away but let’s not hold back anymore. She is Nyler Mark and hails from Castries. Exact address withheld, but given just to Santa so he can drop something nice for her through that . . . well, was going to say chimney but out here we prefer windows and sometimes even back-doors. She has been modeling now for three years and took part in 2Nite magazine’s second “bikini bombshell” event at Ocean Club in the IGY Rodney Bay Marina, December 12, 2012. And although she did not win, we all saw her potential.

Photography: Rick Wayne Fashion: Jealous Designs (Contact Tanya 724-4196)
Make-up: Krystle Marquis

She has done some runway work with Cinnamon productions as well as a few local advertisements, but nothing she says compared to the studio experience at the STAR last week. “Oh my gosh, I learnt so much from Mr. Wayne, Ms. Nicole and thank you so much Mr. Toni,” she kept gushing. We soon had to remind her that around here we love first names and no PHDS or Doctorates false or implied. But we couldn’t help take note of how polite she was and how cutesy she looked when she said it. Nyler is currently employed as a pharmacy technician/sales rep and would like to become a doctor or nurse someday. “I love the medical field and helping people,” she says. Wow, how much better off Saint Lucia would be if there were more doctors in the house like Nyler, I say. Born on April 21, this Taurus has three brothers and three sisters and her favourite thing to do is kick back and unwind at the beach. “I just love the sound of the ocean, the fresh air, it is so relaxing,” our Santa cutie who is also into yoga and meditating says. In her spare time she loves the spontaneous adventure or two—something off the beaten track, something nature friendly maybe and also loves listening to music.

Music? Anything by Rihanna who is at the top of her list right now gets her going. So here is what’s on her wish-list this Christmas: tickets to see Rihanna in concert, Rihanna’s latest perfume and with that magical twinkle in her eyes she lights up as she says “lingerie.” In fact she scored herself a piece from our designer of her photo shoot, Tanya of Jealous designs. “There is something about lingerie that I just love, it makes me feel all warm and sensual,” she says playfully.. And so for Christmas Nyler tells us that she will be home cozying up in her lingerie and finishing off the book “Tin Down” by Theresa Cooper, satisfied that she has done at least one good deed for the year, bringing the Christmas cheer to many of our readers. And no doubt with a few more gifts than anticipated this year too from satisfied readers here and abroad.

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