Opposition Leader warns of double standards

Stephenson King recently accused the Kenny Anthony administration of having a double standard and says the UWP demands that Dr Anthony and his Government bring to an immediate end its “calculated victimization” of St Lucians whom they assume are supporters of the UWP.
In another statement issued to the press on Thursday, the Leader of the Opposition also announced that, “The UWP wishes to categorically reaffirm its position of withdrawal from all bi-partisan initiatives, until it is convinced that Kenny Anthony and his Government are genuine in their stated intentions to engage the opposition.”
The STAR sat with the Opposition Leader on Monday as he shared some of the many concerns he has with the present SLP administration.
“The present administration of Dr Kenny Anthony certainly seems to be practicing what we consider to be double standards and that is basically on the issue of attempting to provide what is considered to be equity as spoken about frequently in the sittings of the House of Assembly.
“They are attempting to provide, jobs, jobs, jobs but at the same time very deliberately attempting to take away jobs from persons who are already employed in this country. You cannot get into Government on a promise of jobs, jobs, jobs, then turn around and take away jobs from persons who already have it to provide those jobs to your supporters. That in my view is double standard,” said King.
The former prime minister says this type of policy cannot be accepted. He says the UWP cannot support the current administration on joint initiatives which are not in favor of the country as a whole.
“We are saying to the Government, stop the double standards, let us get on with the business of the country and fulfill the promise that was made to St Lucians. Create the jobs, don’t take away existing jobs. Most of the program that have been established to date; the NICE and the SMILES and all the other programs which have been beautifully acronymed are merely SLP operatives who have been brought into those positions to administer those programs for the people of St Lucia.
“The NICE program which was launched recently comprises of a number of persons who are known to be SLP operatives. We have not seen anything different from the new administration.
“Even within the public service there are quite a number of individuals who have been brought  into the public service bypassing the public service commission and provided contracts under the term consultancy to again, take care of the boys and girls of the St Lucia Labour Party Government.”
King added that while the UWP hopes for an immediate end to the double standards and deliberate victimization of known UWP supporters by the SLP administration, recent information reaching his office indicate that there will be a number of terminated contracts in the coming weeks and months.
“We will hear of a number of St Lucian workers who are being terminated as what we call caretakers along the highways of St Lucia. These individuals were previously contracted by the Ministry of Communication and Works who have been given their letters of termination so that the program can be transferred to the Ministry of Social Transformation. When that unfolds, we will see the true colors of the St Lucia Labour Party,” said King.
The Opposition Leader also took some time to comment on the Grynberg controversy calling on Dr Kenny Anthony to publicly make a statement on the matter. King says the country has been kept in the dark for too long and wit the new developments in that matter, St Lucians have a right to know what transpired.
“If Dr Anthony wants to investigate, stop talking and do your work but we are saying, in the process he should disclose the circumstances surrounding Grynberg and other matters that took place during the administration of the St Lucia Labour Party Government.
“There has been a deafening silence on the issue of Grynberg. To date Dr Anthony has not made any statements as to what really transpired with Grynberg.                 “What the St Lucian people must understand is that Mr Jack Grynberg has taken St Lucia to the Tribunal and if that dispute is successfully contested by Jack Grynberg, the Government and people of St Lucia will be called upon to pay cost in the vicinity of US$200 million dollars for having failed to honor an agreement which he claims he has fulfilled all obligations but the Government did not.
“That agreement occurred in 2000 and that is the essence of the matter. We as a people must not sit by and allow the Government to get over it. Dr Anthony is the one who signed the agreement, he is now the Prime Minister and he should be able to easily and comfortably address the issue. He is in the best position now to inform St Lucia about what really transpired and how will that matter affect us as a people should we be called upon to pay cost in the tune of US$200 million dollars,” said King.

Stephenson King calls on PM Kenny Anthony to make a statement on
Grynbery issue.

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