Our Alma-matters!!

Past and present pupils shooting the breeze about the joys of Choiseul Secondary.

Past and present pupils shooting the breeze about the joys of Choiseul Secondary.

Returning to a former educational institution is for many, a very special and heart-warming experience. Walking through the corridors of reminiscent fond memories, being reacquainted with past teachers and staff and reliving the ‘old’ feeling of school days, is sometimes considered a treasure, for as the common term goes, school days are ‘the best days’.

This could’ve been said for the Commissioner of Police and the Press Officer for the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF), as they visited their alma mater on Friday, November 22.

As part of its Community Policing project, the RSLPF organized activities in commemoration of the International Day of the Child, which is celebrated annually on November 20th. The STAR spoke to Press Officer Aniel Innocent, and she explained that the RSLPF and the Educational Districts in the north of the island came together to bring “cheers” to children. They hosted a concert at the National Cultural Centre, on the appointed day and according to Innocent, “it was geared at bringing the children together.”

“We want to bring the community and the police together by targeting every angle. So we decided to start from the most vulnerable of society, which is the youth. As you know the youth are the future, so if we target the children, our message to bring the police and the community together will go a long way,” the Press Officer continued.

With that in mind, the Police thought that it would be fitting to visit an educational institution as part of their activities. They chose the Choiseul Secondary School since Commissioner of Police Vernon Francois, and Miss Innocent are both past students of the school.

The Ministry of Education has designated November as Numeracy (Mathematics) and Music Month, and the Choiseul Secondary School demonstrated its ingenuity by merging the two together, and implementing ‘The Mathemusic Festival’. They chose to launch the event on Friday November 22, the day of the patron saint of musicians, St. Cecilia, and International Mathematics Day.

“The Maths and Music departments have both organized activities, incorporating music into Maths. This initiative is focused on helping the students to develop a greater love for Mathematics. They (the students) are all into their music, and we’re trying our best to try to boost our Maths performance.” Principal Mahauney Augier told the Star.

The day’s activities were certainly capped off by the RSLPF visit. From their arrival and introduction, they were well-received by the students of the institution, and they blended right in, as both the Commissioner and Press officer donned the uniform of their Alma Mater. They socialized with the students, took photos with them and shared their fond memories and experiences of the school.

The Commissioner made a short speech to the students, and then presented his cricket bat to one of the school’s most promising cricketers, Nick Joseph.

Nick, a Form Four student from the community of Ravineau, Choiseul, represents the school at the Under 19 local level and in regional competitions. This year the young opening batsman posted an averaged of 45.16 runs in six innings.

Before leaving, Commissioner Francois took time out to speak with the STAR on his experience of coming back to his alma mater.

“Its really great. Actually, I was here previously for another activity, but its great to come back today in school uniform, and to be part of this activity. I think I’ve been assigned to form four, so I will be making my case for a laptop, as a form four student,” he smiled.

“The children represent our future and we need to encourage them. I think it’s an excellent idea socializing with them and having them see me at the level of a student, that in itself is a great thing. Because, they will realize that they too can aspire to achieve, and be whatever they want to be moving forward.”



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