Partyaccess revamped!

Party Access Website Developer and Manager Germaine Anius. has been St Lucia’s premiere online entertainment source for years. Go to any event and the next day chances are you’ll be seeing photos of yourself or people you know posted onto their frequently updated page. If you want to know when the hottest events are the Partyaccess source is always dependable.
The site offers all things entertainment—everything from light news stories and a gallery filled with photos from the latest events to upbeat music through the Blazin’ FM stream where users can listen to music and chat with friends simultaneously.
Creators of the online party resource says pretty soon the site will be even more interactive and user friendly, offering more captivating features and incentives to users.
“We’re relaunching the website to bring a renewed interest,” website developer and manager Germaine Anius told the STAR. “We started by making it more mobile friendly, so whatever phone you have with a data plan you can log on without a long loading time. It will be much easier to browse the site.”
The revamped Partyaccess will cover more events all around the island and even offer instant photo printing at those events. In an effort to branch out to other countries Anius says Partyaccess is now registered as a business in Canada.
“We’re making a lot of changes to make things more interesting,” Anius said. “Users can pay a small fee for their photos online. Once you become a member you’re eligible for lots of prizes.”
Users who become members will be able to earn loyalty points through Partyaccess’ new membership cards every time they log onto the site. Every month the person who logs on the most or uses the sites features most frequently will be rewarded.
Presently users can watch shows, political meetings and other events live through Partyaccess streaming. Soon the site will offer much more event streaming.
“People will just be more seeing a lot more of Partyaccess for Jazz, Carnival and other events,” Anius said. “Within our new page we want to target young people and send positive messages across.”
Website redesigning began in December and already Anius says they’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of new people logging onto the site.
“People are hearing about the streaming and the new features and we’ve only just begun,” he said. “We resubmitted the website to search engines like Yahoo, Google and Msn so when you search for Partyaccess we’re one of the main sites that pop up.”
“Our gallery has been revamped and we’ve added a lot of stuff we’ve covered over the years so you would probably see a photo of yourself taken in 2005 and 2006,” he continued. “All the photos are not up yet because we just have so many.”
In the near future Partyaccess will begin a televised version of their product. To officially launch the new site Partyaccess will host their Relaunch party at the Upper Level Night Club on Friday, February 18 from 10pm. Ladies are free before 12am, music by DJ Play, MC Scady, Sir Lancealot, Thurman and Cleus. Look out for special guest artistes and prizes!

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