Photos that make us wonder…

As visitors to St Lucia drive around the island their taxi driver signals them to look to the right. “And this is the Barre de Lisle,” says the driver. “What’s that there?” the visitor asks. The taxi driver hesitates. “Oh that’s a sign with bullet holes in it,” he finally admits shamefully. It’s one of those things that sticks out like a sore thumb as you drive along the island’s west coast. Why it has not been taken down as yet is anyone’s guess, after all the information on the sign is hardly readable anymore. Wonder if the European Development Fund knows that the sign for the project they funded seems now to be more a symbol of violence than anything else.

This picture of this House after Tomas practically hanging on the edge following a landslide was scary enough. But when photography Bill Mortley returned to the location he found that the house had deteriorated even further. This week we compared the two photos.

: Our “STAR saw” section is attracting a lot of attention and we even have amateur photographers sending in photos. This one of a man sitting next a sign that he has obviously ignored made us chuckle. Photo by Byron Ince

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