Piton Twists Things Up with Lemon!

WLBL’s Thomas Leonce, Rohan Lovence-Piton Brand manager, and General manager Greg Graves introduces the media to Piton Radler.

WLBL’s Thomas Leonce, Rohan Lovence-Piton Brand manager, and General manager Greg Graves introduces the media to Piton Radler.

Described as a “new and refreshing way to drink beer” on Thursday October 10-2013, Windward and Leeward Brewery (WLBL) launched Piton Radler, a brand new product on the Saint Lucian market. And, according to Rohan Lovence the Piton Brand Manager, it is an extension of the mother brand, Piton Beer.

Speaking at a press launch Thursday at the WLBL sales office in Vide Boutielle, Lovence explained that Piton Radler is a beer-based mixed drink. “It consists of forty percent Piton Beer and sixty percent natural lemon juice and it is the first locally brewed lemon flavoured beer,” he stated. “Piton Radler offers you a unique fusion of great tasting Piton beer blended with one hundred percent natural lemon juice which contains 2.2 percent alcohol and it is fee of artificial additives,” Lovence added.

According to WLBL consumer trends and tastes are ever changing and innovation is always key. “Piton Radler speaks to existing beer and non beer drinkers alike, carving out a new experience allowing all to be part of the drinking occasion,” the brand manager expressed.

Also speaking at the press launch was the sales and marketing manager of WLBL Thomas Leonce. According to Leonce, having staged Oktoberfest en Kweyol for the past six years consecutively has afforded the company a great deal of success in widening the beer drinking repertoire of the local populace. “We have introduced over fifty different beer brands at that event in the last six years. We have introduced tequila flavoured beers, wheat beers, bottom fermented, top fermented and the list goes on. I daresay drinking beer is now a sexy thing and we are more than nappy to take the blame for that,” Leonce says. “So it was only natural that this new beer Piton Radler made its debut at the just recently concluded beer festival. This new product signals our continuing drive at product innovation and creating new beverage fusions to titillate and excite the taste buds of our consumers,” he said.

The new Piton Radler made its way to consumers this week as it was distributed to wholesalers, retail outlets, bars and restaurants across the island.

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