PM King to address nation on Frederick Visa issue

Prime Minister Stephenson King

The STAR has been informed that Prime Minister Stephenson King is scheduled to make an address to the nation Monday evening. The PM will reportedly address the nation on the issue of the revocation of Saint Lucia’s Housing Minister’s United States diplomatic visa. News broke last Friday that the US had revoked the minister’s visa. The embassy has not yet given reasons for this move.

Talk-show host Timothy Poleon reported in his Sunday talk show on RCI that Minister Richard Frederick is expected to resign from the government. The MP will reportedly remain the representative for Castries Central.

There had been widespread speculation on Friday that Frederick was under pressure from his own colleagues to resign or risk being fired. On his Friday morning show the minister said that his visa being revoked was part of a political conspiracy against him that began since he entered politics in Saint Lucia. He also said he expected the issue with US embassy to be resolved.

Frederick supporters in Castries Central have reiterated their support for the minister and highlighted the work he has done in the community. With Saint Lucian elections expected this year it is yet to be seen how Frederick’s resignation will affect the ruling party.


Update: Official Notification Regarding Addresses to the Nation by the Prime Minister

It has been communicated over various local media entities that the Honorable
Prime Minister will be addressing the nation tonight. The public is informed that
this information did not emanate from official Government sources.

The media and public are informed/reminded that there is an established and
official protocol for issuing notifications regarding addresses to the nation by the
Honorable Prime Minister. These notifications are always issued by the office of
Government Press Secretary or alternatively the GIS. No such notification has
been issued to date.

Reports in sections of the media therefore that the Prime Minister is scheduled to
address the nation this evening are not informed by official Government sources.
The public is therefore asked to be informed and guided accordingly. Official
notification will be issued through the usual avenues regarding the scheduling of
any address to the nation to be delivered by the Honorable Prime Minister.

—-Darnley Lebourne, Government Press Secretary


Update # 2:

Prime Minister Stephenson King to Deliver Statement Tonight  

Prime Minister Stephenson King is scheduled to deliver a statement tonight on an issue of national importance. The statement will be carried on the National Television Network and other local radio and television networks at 8:00 pm.

Saint Lucians are invited to tune in to their respective radio and television stations to follow the statement to be issued by the Honorable Prime Minister.

—-Darnley Lebourne, Government Press Secretary

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