Prostitution? St Lucia! Where art thou?

Adultery is the world’s greatest wrecker of wives, lives, and families, yet one never hears anyone calling upon the State to make it illegal, and rid the society of its number one foe. In God’s Ten Commandments to us, it is, after murder, the next highest prohibition.
We have already added abortion, (which is murder), to adultery; to them, and all our other maledictions, we have added gambling; and now we are submitting the pros for the inclusion of prostitution, to add to all the cups of woes, of this tiny, fledgling nation of only yesterday. This is a sign that we do not fear God, who created us and provides for us all, and gave us his statutes to so guide us that we would do his will as it is done in Heaven.
Rather than recoiling from the evils that beset us, this nation under God is being induced, by fallible human argument to make prostitution legal and so give licence to llicentiousness, and promiscuity, and open the gates of hell to all such other un-Godly things that are equally reprehensible, abhorrent and abominable.
It is incongruent and illogical to ask for the abolition of so many vital laws without asking to abolish God, the lawgiver, if mere mortals can so easily find Him to be so wrong. And after we have done that, we may, in our wisdom, find it equally necessary to abolish Government too, and return to barbarism, and struggle for our survival in an environment where only the fittest would survive. I think our problem in St Lucia, is that we are so happy with the many blessings we have received that it would not matter to us if we threw some away, in abortion, gambling, prostitution, etc.
I am proud to see that the main protagonists in the debate, namely Dr Stephen King, Miss Veronica Cenac, and Mrs Flavia Cherry are all my relatives, though my stand is contrary to theirs and falls squarely on the side of Miss Mary Francis and Mr Everistus JnMarie, ever with us too, on matters moral. They are all to be admired however, for their courage and conviction and their honesty in the advocacy of their respective positions. In all matters, judicial or otherwise, we know that a judge is always guided by the honesty of the parties, “an attribute to God Himself”, who enjoys honesty in a man, the noblest work of his hands, no doubt.
So on the day when the question will be asked from above “St Lucia where art thou?” those who have taken an honest stand at all times will not be “the chaff” for the fire, but “the wheat” for the “many mansions”. The fence-sitters, the luke-warm, the lily-livered cowards, who take a stand on nothing because they stand for nothing, it is they, and not the honest and courageous who take a stand, who will be thrown    “into the fire” and told “depart from me, ye cursed.” St Lucia! Where art thou?

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