Public Intimacy the Answer to Rapes and Killings!

I want to consider some of the other recommendations that came up in the [Suzie d’Auvergne] report on [Constitutional Reform]. What is sexy these days is the discussion of same-sex unions. In fact that is dealt with, I think, on page 99 of the report. Recommendation 30 is that sexual intimacy in public should continue to be a criminal offence. I do not know; I disagree, you see, because intimacy is at the heart of strong relationships. It is about knowing people, knowing someone deeply and being completely free in that person’s presence.

Senator Kentry Jn Pierre was one of those who contributed on Thursday to the debate on the report by the Constitution Reform Commission.

Senator Kentry Jn Pierre: His House contribution on Thursday had many squirming in their seats!

Of course that sexual intimacy is manifested in several ways—including spending quality time with people; including enjoying physical contact, like holding hands in public; sharing interests and listening to each other. And I want really and truly to encourage people to do these things. Because perhaps if we were encouraged to be intimate publicly, we would in fact be setting positive examples for our young ones so that they would not be ashamed of each other.

They would not be running around hiding to do some of the things that are perfectly all right to do. I am talking about sexual intimacy, not necessarily acting ashamed of some of the things that are perfectly all right to do.

Talking about sexual intimacy . . . you know . . . when last did you see young people, 20-year-olds, hand-in-hand demonstrating love and caring for each other?

Yes, that is being sexually intimate. Yes, it might ultimately lead to sexual intercourse.

But it’s the intimacy that I want to address, really. The expression of love so that we will want to be with each other.We will want to feel the vibes from each other. Perhaps if more of us spend time doing that we will have more respect for each other. There would not be so many people violating each other, as we hear about, the rapes and killings.

   (The preceding is an excerpt from Senator Kentry JnPierre’s House contribution on Thursday)

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