R.I.C.K. not ready to R.I.P.

IMG-20130119-WA000Through a communicator from the spirit world I was able this morning (Saturday) to reach Rick Wayne. Rick confirmed the BB messages put out earlier. He says it’s true, he died on Friday evening, right after completing his three articles for the weekend STAR, including the one about our Person of the Year. However, he promises to be alive again and kicking ass as usual (at least as much as his right leg will allow) come Sunday morning. Being the humble kinda guy we all know him to be, Rick added that he is not the first to have been reported dead one day, and then was seen a couple days later carrying on normally.

The last guy to have pulled off this feat was the actor Morgan Freeman. But there were others before him, some from the Middle East. Might Rick be referring to Osama? Which would mean our publisher knows a whole lot more about a lotta things he’s not yet written about and doubtless plans to!

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