Raped Helen’s blood on the sidewalk!

Shopkeeper Beverly Thomas (r): One of the many citizens  frustrated with the escalating violence.

Shopkeeper Beverly Thomas (r): One of the many citizens
frustrated with the escalating violence.

Lorraine Williams is a modern-day hero. In St Kitts and Nevis, she is being lauded for having handed a convicted, unconscionable rapist a 38-year sentence. This apology for a human being had carried out his egregious crime against his defenseless victim at knifepoint, without a condom, and also assaulted her husband.

An elated Director of Public Prosecutions, Travers Sinanan, was quoted as saying: “It’s heartening to see the judge deliver a sentence so robust that it sends a message to all would-be sex offenders and all who have committed offences.” Back in her native Saint Lucia, Williams’ countrymen are wondering whether the former attorney general and women’s affairs minister’s tough as nails approach would curb the growing onslaught of sexual assaults here at home.

This past Thursday morning, pedestrians traversing St Louis Street were horrified to discover a woman, believed to be between fifty and sixty years old, in a state of confusion, blood pouring out of her vagina. As has become quite typical since the justice minister’s scare tactics against Timothy Poleon, reporters are being especially careful how they report the unspeakable assault.

Meanwhile, there is the story that her attackers had shoved either a broomstick or a piece of metal up the victim’s vagina, which accounted for her blood on the pavement as seen on TV on Thursday evening.

Residents of the area where the crime occurred are particularly disturbed by the gruesome incident. Cynthia Lubin described the complex as “a tale of two cities.”

“In the day it’s very beautiful to walk that street,” she said, “but at nighttime it’s horrible. I went to the station and asked them to get police to patrol but my pleas have been ignored. Most of the street lights don’t work.”

The latest reported incident follows the rape of a Dennery woman on May 11. Sources say the young woman had earlier accepted a ride from a male in the Richfond vicinity. Once inside the vehicle, she discovered the presence of two other men who had concealed themselves in the vehicle’s back seat. The woman was dragged at gunpoint into the dense shrubbery of Grand Ravine, where she was subjected to the most gruesome and dehumanizing attack by the devilish trio.

Of course these are just two of the countless rape cases still unresolved on the island. Sadly, unpursued rapes are commonplace here, where raped women are blamed for their violations suffered. Little wonder that the vast majority of sexual assaults are unreported.

With a woman at the helm of our health ministry, shouldn’t sexual assault victims be guaranteed a more empathetic ear? When will the much-hyped forensic lab finally stop resembling an oasis mirage in the desert: the tempting lure of thirst-quenching justice which ultimately proves nonexistent.

On St Louis Street, the viscous splotches of blood on the sidewalk told their own horror story. And while the victim’s physical wounds are being tended to by the staff at VH, the question remains: For how much longer will raped Helen continue to bleed?

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9 Responses to Raped Helen’s blood on the sidewalk!

  1. Stlucia have tons of talent…all we need is real leadership…..tons of selfless civil servant…doctors …nurses….police…..and three honest exist politician in the cast………citizens let us demand our leaders lead…….stlucia is a gem worthy of a leader who can give a young woman hope that at least she can trust a cop……motivate me to clean my drains and trimm dangerous branches….storm coming lead or step aside…..you Afro disappointment …choops

  2. How can a young jobless man who decided to smoke weed because his dad abused his mom every time he drinks……never comit a crime but gets abused by the police ……unlawful …how can he trust the booze breath cop with information……..I guarantee you dealers,thrives,police and politicians are the only ones against legalization …….stlucia youth need jobs not old colonial rules…..especially after all the white rum our local barons sell already….crime …and our judicial system needs the brake(work overload)…they need time to attend to real crime by local animals and politicians……Helen crying for a leader

  3. Helen bleed a lot unnecessarily….terry..corbo….Yamaha….beck…the boys from the valley….mr brown…ect.let them not have died in vain….let us fix this mess……independance was a sick joke…now we must fix this…..victimizing the ghetto is no the answer….fix the broken …enforce the existing……instill some pride in your nation mr pm…preach if you have to or step aside Helen can bleed no more…….the old colonialistic approach is an excuse to do nothing….radical leadership where a leader really loves his country …like Fidel back when it was necessary…..Helen begs for a leader

  4. Helen does not need tears or pity….we have a gem of an island…..our exotic fruits and vegetables are superior to any not mass but class…I over heard a tall white man tell John Compton that a long time ago between the pitons ….he never listed…selling fig en mass can never carry us forward…the price is too much….our rivers…our parrot…..jep…..the ignorance among our mostly young men(high school barley)….now cocaine get rich quick trick……our hotel rooms should be as pricy as mystique or Hawaii ….we can not afford large cruise ship tourism either but by now too late to fix…..we need a leader who believes in stlucia….our hill …valleys…and it’s people…

  5. We need a leader who will united stlucia and stand firm against the status quo…..our ancient laws do not offer enough protection to women ….children….animals and we the voting public……gun crimes…rape……spouse abuse…..child abuse …..should be mandatory jail……ganja ,booze and tobacco should be taxed and legal alike……..our rivers……parks …..flora funa should be protected vigorously by the state…..our beautification project s have to start at home but our leaders must motivate the masses to excel not sell coke and die….our youth starve for a leader ….jobs…vision…Kenny again if you can not do the job …step aside….Helen needs a leader

  6. I have to believe that Kenny doing all he can ….if not he selfish …….crime is all over but in stlucia we have an epidemic …..rape…..gun fights…..murder by cops…..spouse and child abuse rampant…..however every body have the latest phone s….car…….shoes ect….plus we never mis a jam…… Booze and tobacco free up…….ganja used as cash crop by cops …..now tell me …do we need anything in stlucia……no…..not guns…or dollars……brains………again Kenny if you can not make stlucia stop bleeding ….step aside….other s can…..

  7. Anon says:

    What does the Prime Minister have to say about such offences?
    Does the victim have to be their nearest and dearest before anything is done?
    Let’s hope this isn’t goat mouth on them.

    • The Prime minster does not care about st lucians, if he did then life would be made a little easyer he only care`s about his pocket, large salaries payed out to him and his band of mp`s, who must i say is all about DE PARTY ( RED SHIRT, RED STAR) WELL I GUESS THAT IS WHAT YOU CALL HIGH TAXES ON BASIC SUGAR, WENT YOU KNOW SAGUR IS NOT TOO GOOD, I AM ALREADY SWEET SO YOU WANT TO SWEETEN ME MORE, AND THEN MEDICAL EVEN MORE TAXES WENT I CAN`T EVEN PAY FOR TRANSPORT FROM POINT A to POINT B, well i ain`t voting you know more,

  8. dan says:

    ‘With a woman at the helm…’ this woman Alvina Reynolds is a total waste of time – clueless and lost

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