Razmataz awarded for excellence!

Razmataz is one of Trip Advisor's top ranked restaurants in St Lucia.

Razmataz is one of Trip Advisor’s top ranked restaurants in St Lucia.

Not many achieve this award, and we are extremely grateful,” a beaming Sue Wright told the STAR this week.

The East Indian restaurant in Rodney Bay, Razmataz, was this month recognized by Trip Advisor for having “continual outstanding reviews.” Wright described it as “a very interested award,” adding: “It’s a top award and we feel it is justified because it’s genuine, and for 19 years we’ve had really good restaurant service and business, and the very same chef! Chef Bipendra Bahadur K.C has been with us for 19 years, makes such good food, and it’s a genuine reward.”

When asked how she felt about the recognition, Wright, who established the restaurant in 1994 responded: “Delighted. It’s due for the restaurant. Razmataz is an outstanding restaurant that stands out because it’s a different cuisine, Tandori food, and it is authentic. The food is prepared in an authentic manner, as it would in Nepal, or India. It’s very tasty, very appealing, and exremely popular. People from all over the world come to Razmataz. We’re very well-reknowned, people sail here, come purposely here. We’ve been written about in the New York Times, and lots of other things over the years.”

Testimony to that are the rave reviews on the Trip Advisor website:

“If you come to St Lucia and skip Razmataz, you have made a huge mistake!” one blogger wrote. “Alex makes great drinks and the food is superb. I’ve considered coming coming back to St Lucia just for Razmataz!”

“Best Tandoori chicken on the island!” another wrote. “We have always eaten there over the last ten years and the quality has not changed. I’m really looking forward to the Tandoori chicken the next time I’m on island. The food is tasty with Nepalese chefs cooking up your choice of mild to spicy-hot food. Good prices, so you can choose a few dishes and share.”

Vareity is the spice of life and Wright says their menu is ever-changing, though return customers can always expect to find their favourites.

“The chef has different ideas to offer St Lucian people and the tourists who come, so there’s always something new coming out. Razmataz is a great asset to St Lucia. It’s a restaurant St Lucians can be very proud of. There are very few restaurants that have stayed 19 years with the same chef, and that’s the big thing. With the same chef, cooking the same food that brings people back to Razmataz again and again!”

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