RC Boys Show National Pride!

Kids march to instill National Pride

The RC Boys Infant School kicked off their Independence celebrations in grand style on Friday February 17th. The school added a new feature to its usual observance of St Lucia’s Independence with an event dubbed, “Walking with National Pride.”
Principal Andrewna Gill was very excited about the initiative and explained to the STAR the reasons for putting on such an event.
“We thought we needed to put a twist to Independence celebrations this year,” she said while adding, “and not only that, but we wanted to alert the public, create an awareness that Independence is approaching, so when people would see the boys, they would be reminded of Independence next week.”
In the past, she says, Infant students are not directly involved in the activities leading up to Independence in St Lucia and “we felt that this was a foundation for them as we prepare them for a bright future.”
She further stated, “They need to develop the culture of what it is to be a St Lucian from a tender age so that when they grow older, they will not forget about their national pride.”
Many parents turned out in support of the initiative as they took to the streets with students. The march started off on Brazil Street onto Chausee Road, then through to Waterworks Road, Entrepot, Independence City, Marchand and Riverside Road.                 Originally, Mrs Gill said, the school intended on taking the walk into the heart of town and onto John Compton Highway where the boys would be more visible and an even greater impact on the spectators but according to her, the Police department insisted on the final route for security reasons.
However, the school’s principal is already focused on next year’s event where she hopes the original route will be pursued.
Coordinator of the event, Alissa Mathurin hopes the event will become an annual independence activity based on early success assessments. However, she believes there is still much room for further development of the event.
“The initiative is truly a total team effort with students, staff and parents who are all committed to realizing an event which will make all St Lucians proud,” she said.
The boys included in their walk a display of placards as a form of tribute to outstanding leaders and cultural icons in St Lucia. Over 200 students and parents took part in the activity.

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