Red At Dawn: Desperados Adds Colour To Life!

Last year at the annual fun-filled and popular “Oktoberfest En Kweyol”, many patrons had the privilege of tasting a beer with a difference. That beer was “Desperados Red”.

Windward and Leeward Brewery Limited (WLBL) was, and still is, the distributor of the original Desperados, the first tequila-flavoured beer in Saint Lucia. It too was first sampled at Oktoberfest here. Since then, that unique beer, originally from France, has become the favourite of many Saint Lucians who dare to reach out for something more on the cutting edge.

Now, WLBL proudly introduces Desperados Red, another exciting addition to its portfolio. Desperados Red is a light pinkish red fruit beer with Tequila, Cachaca and Guarana extract. It also contains some citrus and touches of lemon, along with red berries for that sweet aroma, which gives you a first impression of sweetness, but the flavour surprisingly evens out by the end of every sip.Desperados Red has a smooth texture with moderate to strong carbonation and an alcohol content of 5.9%.

Desperados Red is a stunning and energizing drink, enjoyed by both men and women. It can be sipped on at any occasion; a first date, a hot day when you feel for a refreshing drink to cool you down, to add colour to any party or even when you’re in the mood to explore the more exciting side of life.Desperados Red was launched at the break of dawn Friday August 1st, much to the delight of party-goers, at the premier all-inclusive event “Live ‘n Colour” which was held at Pigeon Island. Desperados Red was given the thumbs up from all who revelled in its sheer presence and the excitement it added to the experience as it poured with the rising of the sun.

Innovations Manager at WLBL, Germaine Serieux, drawing reference to the launch of the Desperados Red -a much anticipated and long awaited addition to Desperados brand-says; “This cutting edge and modern alternative to other conventional drinks is a stunning and energizing mix. Further, this fun alcoholic beverage with its red colour in the clear Desperados bottle is quite attractive and its appealing taste has created curiosity among many persons reaching out to the more daring side of life.”

And now this refreshing drink is available in Saint Lucia at retail outlets, bars, restaurants.


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