Redjet Suspends Operations



The shareholders and staff of REDjet wish to sincerely thank all our passengers and supporters for enabling our airline to achieve the tremendous feat of breaking the high fare experience of many Caribbean passengers, while increasing regional travel numbers for the first time in decades.

We at REDjet set out to deliver the Caribbean’s first affordable air service and we have successfully launched a small number of routes that have in their performance, demonstrated the necessity and popularity for a low fares service in the region.

Our aircraft and our dedicated staff are performing extremely well and we are willing and able to continue to provide affordable transport across the Caribbean and beyond but we cannot.

Unlike the heavily subsidised airlines that serve the region, REDjet does not receive any assistance. As indicated, REDjet is hopeful that we will be given a small part of the State assistance others receive, as it will allow us to get our recently approved and exciting new routes established and profitable. Once this happens, our shareholders and staff will do their utmost to see that there is no return to high fares and business as usual.

We have seen other carriers drastically cut their fares in an effort to shut down REDjet and return to high fares and business as usual with no regard to the negative impact on travellers. Unlike us, they do not have to be profitable to stay in business.

In spite of their subsidised efforts, our passenger numbers have continued to rise because you, our patrons, enjoy our clean, comfortable and well maintained aircraft as well as our excellent service delivered at affordable ticket prices.


REDjet has no alternative but to suspend flights from 23:59pm on 16th March until further notice. All passengers booked on any REDjet flight from Saturday should contact the call centre 24 hours before scheduled departure time for an update on their flight status.

Affected passengers will be offered refunds or the option to travel with REDjet upon commencement of services.

Our Refund Procedure can take up to three (3) weeks and is outlined below:

Refund Procedure:

Complete a refund request posted on our website and email to

Alternatively submit your refund request with passenger names and booking reference numbers to: REDjet, P.O. Box 6072AP, Barbados.

Further announcements regarding services will be made on Monday 19th March. All tickets for future travel remain valid.


REDjet sincerely apologises for the disruption and distress this temporary cessation of flights will cause and looks forward to serving you in the future.

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