Regis: ‘I am happy this matter is over!’

On the job again: Ausbert Regis says if Vernon Francois’ acting commissioner issue crosses his desk he would advise on it.

Almost five months after the court ruled in favour of Ausbert Regis, the former Commissioner of Police finally reported to his new job as a Special Adviser on National Security in the Prime Minister’s Office after a lengthy negotiating process.
Regis showed up for work on Monday March 5th in an office not too far from the prime minister’s. Although he did not wish to comment on the particulars of the negotiating process or the “package” that was given to him, he did say this: “I am happy that this matter is over and now I can move on. This matter has caused much embarrassment to me, my family and friends and I just want to put it to rest.”
He further stated, “It has become a bit of a public spectacle for reasons best known to persons who decided to put it out there. It is my personal and private business as an employee and I do not wish to discuss any aspect of the settlement or anything pertaining directly to my official capacity.”
The former commissioner of police who was dressed in a black suit, orange shirt and gold tie with a decorative police pin near his left shoulder said now that the matter is behind him, he wants to focus on his new job and look for ways and means to make his country better.
“I am concentrating on how best I can utilize the position that I have for the benefit of the country in terms of making this country a safer place—that is my business,” he said.
With reference to Vernon Francois’ long stint as Acting Police Commissioner, the new Adviser on National Security did not wish to comment but indicated should the matter reach his desk for advice, he would be more than willing to provide that service in his capacity as an adviser.
When asked about the difference between this appointment and last year’s appointment which landed him and the UWP government in court, Regis reached into his desk and pulled out two letters—one dated last year, sent by the Governor General stating that he had been transferred to the office of the prime minister as the Director of Special Initiatives and the second letter dated this year, sent again by the Governor General stating that he had been promoted to the office of the Prime Minister as an Adviser on National Security.
“Approximately a year plus ago I received a letter indicating I was transferred to the position of Director of Special Initiatives. I received another letter sometime last week saying that I was promoted . . . the operative word here is; transfer to and promote. These two words are definitely not similar in my vocabulary,” said Regis.
The Prime Minister announced that the Regis case cost St Lucians $220,000—that included $40,000 damages to Regis and lawyers’ fees on both sides.

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