Rejuvenation Lounge for Sandals Grande Spa & Beach Resort Employees

Staff are now free to relax in a space of rejuvenation in their downtime at the resort!

Sandals Grande St. Lucian Spa & Beach Resort this month launched its first rejuvenation centre throughout resorts in the Caribbean. Dubbed the ‘Adam M. Stewart Rejuvenation Lounge’, the facility serves as a relaxation and wellness centre for the employees at Sandals Grande between shifts. The vibrant, cosy lounge consists of three beds, two La-Z-Boy reclining chairs, two lounge chairs, four massage chairs, a large screen TV, a library and walls decorated with mirrors and motivational picture quotes.

Public relations manager Alex Holder said the concept of human resource development has always been at the forefront of Sandals Resorts, and that the move was meant to “emphasise the importance of our human capital and how the comfort of our guests is equally important as the comfort of our team members”.

CEO and Deputy Chairman of Sandals Resorts Adam Stewart has always had a vision of the work-life balance being extremely important. His idea of the lounge stemmed from his belief that “humanising of
all our resorts is equally tied to the experience of our team members”. On May 5 his dream and vision became a reality at Sandals Grande.

Sandals Resorts is well known for the luxurious hospitality provided to guests, but Adam Stewart and Sandals Chairman Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart strongly believe that luxury and satisfaction should not only be for guests but also for staff  members to experience.

“We all know that the success of any organisation,

the satisfaction of all our guests, the results and improvement of any destination relies very, very heavily and strongly on our team members who work hard every single day,” Winston Anderson, General Manager of Sandals Grande said.

Mr. Anderson advised that he’d had a lengthy discussion with the Ministry of Health on the importance of having a positive work environment.  He explained: “A healthy team creates better productivity, and once you create this sort of environment where your team members can be relaxed and rejuvenated, it makes it for a very healthy work place.”

On the occasion eager staff members were on hand to try out the lounge for the first time, and then invited guests had the opportunity to experience the luxury that is now part of the experience for Sandals guests, and staff alike!

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