Reparations march riddled with hypocrisy

Recently, hundreds of persons marched in front of the British Houses of Parliament for reparations. I still cannot believe that that those persons who were marching could be so hypocritical! I still don’t understand it; why is it that these people take such great pride in biting the hand that is feeding them?

Look at what some of their banners shouted: “We don’t want to be subjects without rights”;“Repatriation and Reparations now”; “Cameron: blood deh pon your shoulders”; “Britain, you did profit from the trans-Atlantic slave trade”. Headlines like these were everywhere. Are these people really serious?

Many of these same people abandoned their own black homelands in the Caribbean and Africa or are children of those who did and went to Britain for a better life. Indeed, many of them gave up everything they had in their original homes and fought real hard to get to what they saw as the British paradise.

As such, the banner preaching “We don’t want to be subjects without rights” seemed very odd. Were these marchers saying that they fled to a country where they have no rights? Also, if this is true, why don’t they leave? Indeed, come to think of it, why do these marchers remain in Britain if it is such a terrible place or if it really did such terrible things to them and their ancestors? Why the hypocrisy?

There is another thing: as these marchers felt so strongly that Britain was built by the slave trade, why are they condemning Britain’s so-called crime and yet condoning it by living in that same country, using its slave-gotten wealth to better themselves, abiding by its “Babylonian laws” and indeed, strengthening that same country by working for it?

Then there were those banners demanding repatriation. Imagine, many of those marchers left their homes in the Caribbean, flew past Africa and are now living in Britain. Some of them left Africa and settled in Britain too. Now they are in Britain demanding that they be sent back to Africa! I am sure a lot of Britons must have been impressed with these marchers’ excellent sense of direction!

Why do they continue, for instance, to demand justice for their ancestors and at the same time cry out whenever Britain tries to limit the number of them who attempt to get into the country – legally and illegally? Why is it that if Britain should ever give these same marchers a choice between leaving the “slavery-built” country and death, they would choose death?

It really is sad that after opening up itself to help these people by giving them an opportunity for a better life, Britain has to face the hypocrisy of these same ungrateful immigrants! It pains me to see how Britain is being slapped in the face by the people it is trying to help!

If these people were really sincere in their convictions about reparations and repatriations they wouldn’t be living in Britain – the so-called centre of slavery and black oppression. They would have done all they could to avoid the country. Alas, their hypocrisy got the better of them. What a comical bunch of double-talkers!

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3 Responses to Reparations march riddled with hypocrisy

  1. Lisa says:

    All I can say is WOW. This article screams ignorance and a complete lack of understanding why there must be reparations all over the world with regards to the longest and largest of stolen, enslaved, murdered, tortured, and psychologically damaging of human beings in modern times. Slavery is only part of it. The complete decimation of Africa is also due justice, as are other indigenous people. Reparations must be paid to the ancestors of slaves throughout the world. Could come in many ways. college, no interest house loans, no money down on first home, cash, free medical for the next several generations, and then we can all move forward. Time for the world to admit, recognize, teach, learn, and pay for past atrocities. This wasn’t one of humanity’s lesser evils. This was the biggest atrocity in modern if not all human times. How dare you try to brush it under the rug. No one says that when Jews, Hiroshima survivors, Rwanda survivors, Japanese interred people etc…and those don’t even come close in size or length of the colonization and enslavement of the African people. Shame on you.

  2. Joy says:

    I cant tell if this is satire or just plain dumb…given the author’s previous articles ill go with dumb.not worth a rebuttal! LOL

  3. Dee says:

    It’s evident from reading the above article that the author has no idea what the march in question was about. Do not think it went unnoticed that there is NOT ONE interview contained in the article and therefore the so called article was laced with Mr Dingwall’s opinion.

    For your information, Mr (keyboard warrior) Dingwall, the march was organised to highlight the plight of former African and West Indian colonies and requesting reparation for the impact the transatlantic slave trade had on these countries and peoples. No research, no enquiry just you, Mr Dingwall, sitting behind a keyboard, typing about things you know nothing about. I guess quoting from a few banners constitutes research and investigation right? As someone who was there myself I would be in a better position to comment on the event than you as I am left with no doubt, after reading the tosh you submit as an article, was just second hand observation formed from reading a few articles and/or photographs was it not Mr Dingwall? Me thinks you need to go back to school and hone your art…and I’m not talking journalism school neither, Elementary school would more be in order, as you need to go back to basics

    You’re doing the Caribbean people an disservice by producing such ill-informed rubbish and you St Lucia Star are casting doubt on your own credibility by reproducing such rubbish.

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