Richard Frederick speaks out: ‘I have done nothing wrong!’

It has become the norm to expect Housing Minister Richard Frederick to address issues aside from the law in his radio talk-show ‘Can I Help You?’ that seeks to offer free legal advice. The show which airs on Radio 100 on Friday mornings has been the forum where the minister addressed a myriad of allegations against him including rumours that he had instructed that people be killed.
In Friday it was more of the same as the minister had to yet again allay fears and boldly declare: “I have no intention of killing anybody!’
Frederick’s statement was in response to a report where Micoud North MP Jeannine Compton-Antoine had announced she had received death threats. Compton had last Friday announced to the nation via HTS News that the United States Embassy had revoked the diplomatic and travel visas of Minister Frederick. Since the revelation Frederick had not addressed the issue except to be quoted by HTS saying that he had no knowledge of the information and questioned how the Micoud North MP was privy to this information.
Yesterday Frederick had this to say: “My visas have been revoked. I have confirmation that they have been revoked. I heard Jeannine say during the course of the week that she had received death threats I want to totally disassociate myself . . . I have no intention of killing anybody. I have never had and will never have.”
Returning to the visa issue Frederick: “I got confirmation of the revocation of my visas on the phone. I never got wind of an intention to revoke my visas. Trust me folks, I would have left St Lucia and been wherever I had to go if there was the intention . . . The matter is being worked on.”
Frederick then read an article about a Jamaican businessman who had had his US visa cancelled. The minister then said that the move might be politically motivated.
“There has been a conspiracy and Wikileaks confirms the conspiracy. That conspiracy started since I entered politics. . .”
Frederick then went on to say that Wikileaks documents pinpoint those who initiated investigations against him.
“Who is hurting St Lucia? Is it me? Or is it the members of the conspiracy gang who want to see my back from the political arena?” he asked.
Frederick then listed some of the projects he has done in the constituency of Castries Central.
“Is that damage?” he asked. “My people supported me amidst all those allegations. Had I done anything wrong I would be the first to say, yes, let me get out of here . . . I want to assure Saint Lucians and in particular the constituents of Castries Central that Richard Frederick has done nothing wrong. I want to assure them that if they no longer want me as their district representative I will resign and get out of the political arena. But for now I am stronger and I am like a lion that was asleep and has been awakened. Let the battle continue.”

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