Rick Wayne “Hurt’s It” and Records it for Viewers!

EVERYBODY & their cousins are talking about just one thing. And it’s not about the dead economy. Or the equally dead government that has now taken to denying little girls their proper exam  scores—any port for a digression. It’s not about Kenny’s impersonator for all seasons; not even about the no-resolution electrocution of Hanna Defoe. What everyone is talking about is the way Rick Wayne Hurt It at the weekend.


Star Newspaper Publisher and Journalist, Rick Wayne.

Well, now it’s Rick’s turn to answer those people he refers to as whitened sepulchers; people who cannot stay off Facebook for a minute; people who pretend to be what they are not—until the sun goes down. Starting Wednesday and every other day, Rick Wayne gives his take on the day’s issue via RICK’S RANT.

Wednesday’s subject: What else but the reaction to the weekend’s STAR front page!

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